He ChaoLian's little fan sister, who incarnates Huang Minghao, praises him in public. Netizen: compared with Dou Xiao?

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chaolian little fan sister incarnates

He ChaoLian turns into Huang Minghao's little fan sister , Praise him in public , Net friend : Compared with Dou Xiao ?

Speaking of he ChaoLian, the daughter of a rich family , I believe we are all familiar , Not only the family is rich , And she's super good-looking herself , I also have my own business , Because of my boyfriend Dou Xiao , Now he ChaoLian also began to frequently enter the entertainment industry , At first, I went to a variety show with my boyfriend , Now he ChaoLian is playing alone ,

Recently, he ChaoLian participated in the variety show “ This is the trend ”, She looks very good on this show , And the mouth is sweet , During this period, host Huang Minghao said on the stage , Host the program alone , Very nervous , It's a little awkward , So he joked in public about resigning from the program group , And he ChaoLian heard it , Immediately incarnate into Huang Minghao's little fan sister , Boast in public that Huang Minghao is very handsome , Everyone is not willing to ,

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