Ren Dahua's wife is beautiful to a new height. Wearing a blue dress, she is elegant and gentle, and the supermodel has an amazing figure

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ren dahua wife beautiful new

1 / 6 Ren Dahua, the famous film emperor in Hong Kong, is a powerful actor , And his wife Qiqi used to be a model , It's very beautiful , Wearing can give people amazing visual effects , This time she appeared in a bright blue dress , The skirt body is decorated with lace hollowed out , The whole person looks high and dignified , The unique charm of mature women can be shown from the simple solid color wear , Next, let's learn how to choose fashion items with Qiqi !| Contents of this issue 1. Bright blue, elegant and elegant .

2 / 6 2. The dress is embellished with lace hollowed out elements .3.A The word skirt is cute .* Bright blue, elegant and elegant

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