87 edition of a dream of Red Mansions is an eternal classic, Chen Xiaoxu yyds

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edition dream red mansions eternal

I've brushed it again recently when I'm free 《 A dream of red mansions 》, Shocked by the role of each character in the play , At the same time, I was shocked by the barrage of netizens' comments ,《 A dream of red mansions 》 Forever classic , Chen Xiaoxu YYDS.

It is said that ,《 A dream of red mansions 》 The TV play before shooting , Choose actors from all over the country , After thousands of choices of actors , Then we started three years of intensive training , The purpose is to try to fit the character image that teacher Cao Xueqin wants to portray .

There are a few points in the play that are quite moving and touching . One is the decline of the four families , The second is the love between Jia Baoyu and Lin Daiyu , Third, Chen Xiaoxu's actor brought Lin Daiyu to life .

The rise and fall of the four families

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