The preliminary competition was successful and the second round of the 2021 "cultural China · water cube Cup" Chinese song competition was launched

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preliminary competition successful second cultural

2021“ Cultural China · Water cube cup ” The second round of the Chinese song contest has been held in 8 month 1 It's officially opening day . This competition is in 29 Countries have set up 50 Three competition areas ,2500 More than contestants registered for the competition . Another 1 Joint Division , To meet the registration needs of players in non established regions .

2020 year , Novel coronavirus pneumonia is under the special background of global joint fight against new crown pneumonia. , The Organizing Committee of the competition is bold and innovative , For the first time, it has realized global online competition and real-time live broadcast , Become an unusual “ Water cube cup ”. This year, , The competition will be broadcast with an increasingly mature professional connection system , Join hands with the excellent players in each division to create an upgraded version of the competition “ Singing in the clouds ”.

Coverage of this competition 30 A country 50 Multiple divisions , After fierce preliminary competition , There are from all walks of life around the world 208 Contestants were promoted to the semi-finals . Many contestants came to this stage with the same love , They will be in “ Cloud ” Start a contest . Yan Weiwen 、 Legend of Phoenix 、 Revival 、 Wang Sulong 、 Crown 、 Chen Zhipeng 、 Wang Xi 、 Liu Xijun and other singers also sent blessings to the main venue from the clouds , Cheer for all the contestants .

The competition in this semi-finals stage is divided into two rounds .8 month 1 Japan -8 Japan , Three judges will evaluate and score the singing videos provided by the qualified contestants , The score of this part accounts for% of the total score of the two rounds of the semi-finals 30%; The second round of the semi-finals will be held in 9 Japan -13 day , Totally divided 12 A session . Competing 208 Contestants will log into the professional system according to the competition time and connect the sound and painting to the main venue , Complete the live singing of the second round of works by means of real-time connection . The on-site judges will learn from music skills 、 Voice expression 、 Give comprehensive marks and comments on Chinese proficiency . The score of the second round will also be superimposed with the score of the first round through the calculation formula in real time , Get the total score of the semi-finals .

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