Korean media: Kris Wu Yifan became a negative textbook of "love bean control", and the heavy punishment did not run away

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korean media kris wu yifan

According to Korean media 8 month 9 Reported Wednesday : According to Chinese media reports today ,EXO Former members Kris Wu Yifan was chosen by the authorities as “ Love bean control demonstration case ”, Will inevitably be sentenced to heavy sentences .

Before that , He (Kris Wu queer ) Because of the alleged murder of several women ( Among them are minors ) Detained for sexual violence . Han entertainment circle didn't know , According to Chinese media reports , Love beans have a great impact on teenagers , Therefore, the Wu Yifan incident will be dealt with seriously .

actually , Wu Yifan's crime in China can be said to be “ sin ” The degree of , The maximum penalty is death , Therefore, experts have always believed that “Kris The case should be selected as a model case .” Han entertainment circle didn't know , Experts also said “ This is just the beginning ”、“ In the future, the authorities will officially carry out a comprehensive rectification of the fan culture of the performing arts industry .”

Put forward at the earliest “ Wu Yifan incident ” The question is called “ Du Meizhu ” Net friends of , She also revealed that Wu Yifan was “ Angle selection ”、“ Fan meetings ” And other excuses to contact women ( Including minors ), Then get them drunk , When they lose consciousness , He's actually violent against him . Han entertainment circle didn't know , Besides Wu Yifan himself , His agents and other groups are also “ Accomplice ”.

stay “ Du Meizhu ” After the disclosure of Wu Yifan's crime , There are at least 24 A woman said she had also been attacked by Wu Yifan qj, This also means that the Chinese Internet has launched a campaign against Wu Yifan “me too motion ”.

Last month, 31 Japan , Chinese police have certified some of Du Meizhu's remarks , Confirmed that “ Wu Yifan selects concubines 、 Sleeping powder ” Fact , In order to further investigate Wu Yifan's more crimes , Detain him and arrest him .

at present , The case is still pending further investigation , However, in view of Wu Yifan's more crimes being gradually proved , It is inevitable that he will be sentenced to a heavy sentence .

On the other hand , Han entertainment circle didn't know , Wu Yifan in 2012 In the year of EXO The identity of a member , Backward SM The company filed a termination lawsuit , And transferred the work center to China , Start with a singer 、 model 、 Actors and other multiple identities began new activities .

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