Huo Zun's girlfriend forced the palace, his father Huofeng converted to Buddhism, married and gave birth to a daughter, and the melon of "fake living Buddha" was exciting

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huo zun girlfriend forced palace

Huo Zun is a rare musician , His voice and music , There is not much homogenization in the circle .

Singing love songs is his specialty , Falling in love seems to be as long as singing , One love is 7 year .

Huo Zun's rumored girlfriend Chen Lu posted a close group photo of herself and Huo Zun on her microblog , The love visible to the naked eye in the picture . Sweet hug , Smile is also the kind of super happy .

But the most embarrassing thing happened , Star official relationships are common , The star's unilateral official announcement of love is a little embarrassing . at present , Huo Zun has not released any information yet , And didn't forward this dynamic .

Huo Zun has a long feeling , But don't give a place

Star II Huo Zun , I haven't been exposed to spotlight since I was a child , Compared with the general Star II , His childhood was relatively much easier .

My father is a famous singer, Huofeng , No, I don't care to enjoy it. Shit “ The second generation of stars ” He who markets himself , Leaning on a song 《 Rolling bead curtains 》 Won the first place in singing programs , And officially entered the entertainment industry .

After his debut , Huo Zun did not choose commercial performance or making money .

For him , Oneself is “ Musician ”, Making an album and releasing it is the top priority , The first album was released , And his first year ,2014 In the Spring Festival Gala , It can be said that Tao is the peak .

Few newcomers have such a good opportunity , Just started , On the stage of the Spring Festival Gala .

And his first intimate group photo with Chen Lu , It's in 2014 year , In that group photo, he hugged each other , Take a big group photo with my father and family .

And the one who leaked his love was his father , This photo was taken by the fire wind in 14 Published on microblog in , According to time , Two people together at least 7 year .

This picture is not born out of nowhere , Later, they may be photographed by paparazzi taking the woman home , They also hug each other closely at home , But there was no response .

In fact, Huo Zun hinted in the interview that he had a sweetheart , But I didn't say , Nor is it official declaration and recognition of the woman's identity .2017 Beginning of the year , He and the object who expressed his love .

This time, the woman unilaterally declared , The netizens make complaints about it , On the one hand, Huo Zun didn't respond , On the other hand, netizens questioned the woman. This is forcing the palace .

Girls' youth is very short , Not a few “ Seven years ” Can consume , The best example is the infatuated man Luo Zhixiang , Zhou Yangqing has been with him for eight years , Finally, the other party cheated and broke up .

Chen Lu “ Place of ” Unilateral official declaration of love , It can also be regarded as fighting for an argument for yourself , After all, I'm getting older day by day .

Father Sakai Buddha ,“ Fake living Buddha ” The storm is controversial

Huo Zun's father Huofeng , When he was young , Than Huo Zun now .

But the fire wind is the kind of “ The world is very big , I'm going to see ” The character of the .

He himself said in an interview , Singing is just my own interest , I'm not interested one day , Just do something else .

Fire wind 《 Big sedan chair 》《 It's a good start 》《 Wife, wife, I love you 》 The popularity of songs , It's completely with Liu Huan 《 A hero song 》 A level of .

Before he became famous , I met Huo Zun's mother and fell in love until I got married ,1990 Huo Zun was born , However, the parents soon divorced .

The fire after divorce , Pursue freedom more , His own favorite is photography , Also because photography is associated with Buddhism .

He was interviewed when he was out of the album , Expose yourself to 1996 I converted to Buddhism in , Because convert to Buddhism , Give him access to Tibet 《 Awakened person 》 A lot of convenience .

He worshipped master Jiayang, a sutra master of many living Buddhas , From his mouth, he obtained the retreat place of many other eminent monks and virtues , And started shooting for eight years .

This is his hobby , So he has been to all parts of the world , As long as there are eminent monks and living Buddhas , He will shoot .

But people can't escape the secular world , Even if he converted to Buddhism , Still 2001 In, he fell into the world again , Marry Jiang Hua , And gave birth to a daughter .

Many people questioned him about his conversion to Buddhism, marriage and having children .

Of course, this matter is related to “ Fake living Buddha ” It's a small thing to see a big one .2014 year 10 month ,《 figure 》 The magazine once reported that the singer Huofeng was certified as “ Living Buddha ”.

For the living Buddha , Huofeng did not admit or deny . Because the magazine has a large circulation , Doubts about his status as a living Buddha also followed .

After verification ,《 figure 》 The magazine issued a statement , It is said that it has been verified by the ethnic and religious Department of Sichuan Province , The White Horse Temple in Ganzi Prefecture, Sichuan Province is not called Huofeng ( Wujinxi zhudanzeng ) The monks of , Nor is it called fire wind ( Wujinxi zhudanzeng ) The living Buddha .

“ Fake living Buddha ” Journalism , In fact, it is common , But he is also the first person in the entertainment industry . The way of practicing Buddhism and learning Buddhism , He is the end of a road , And now he is also studying Buddhism .

There are Buddha beads on the wrist all the time , At home, of course , When it comes to Buddhism, I can't stop talking .

And as a singer , He didn't escape the storm of plagiarism ,《 Husband, I love you 》( Wife, wife, I love you ) Accused of plagiarism , Shi Yongzhi, who claims to be the original author, told the media , I found a lawyer and sent a lawyer's letter to Huofeng .

And it's not the first time to send a lawyer's letter , The other party has been ignoring . Huofeng's attitude is that this person is very boring , Even plagiarism or not is too lazy to respond and explain .

The author said , Because of lack of funds , So I haven't started the production of songs , I have sent my original works to major TV stations , So the suspicion is leaked , Let Huofeng plagiarize .

When Huofeng's agent responded to the media , They also truthfully responded that they had received a lawyer's letter , Also communicate with each other , But the other person's attitude changed , Said maybe the subject matter collided .

For such allegations , The fire wind ignored , And that song , Also let him and Pang Long on the stage of the Spring Festival Gala to sing .

Huofeng has a good relationship with his son huozun , Marry your current wife and have a daughter , In fact, I haven't had a make-up wedding . On the one hand, considering his feelings , And Huo Zun is also very sensible .

He has been living with his mother all these years , I have never been unfamiliar with my father , Huofeng said that his ex-wife and wife get along well , It can also be seen that in terms of relationship reconciliation , Have their own means .

Huo Zun was forced to marry unilaterally by his girlfriend , Open love , This is a girl's anxiety at a certain stage . He should give affirmation , You should also be given a place , Whose? 7 Years of youth and time can't be saved . And emotional things should also respect the original heart , Like his father , Conversion to Buddhism can't go against feelings , Love is love , Dare to love and hate is the real man .

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