Ouyang Zhenhua celebrates his wife's birthday. The rich lady's diamond ring is too eye-catching. Does wearing a diamond ring show your dignity?

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ouyang zhenhua celebrates wife birthday.

Hong Kong artist Liang Sihao updated a dynamic on the social platform , He shared his recent life with you . He showed many photos of attending Ouyang Zhenhua's wife Fu Jiexian's birthday party .

In the photo , Ouyang Zhenhua's wife is wearing a black suit , Dressed very low-key and simple , But her overall temperament is still very good , The appearance and figure are also maintained quite well . When the couple took a group photo , Don't forget to show your love , The two snuggled together , It looks very sweet .

Although Fu Jiexian's dress is very low-key , But she still has a rich and noble lady temperament , When lifting the glass , The huge pigeon egg diamond ring on the right hand is particularly eye-catching . In addition to Liang Sihao , Li Sibei and other artists also came to the birthday party , The scene was very harmonious .

After seeing this group of photos, netizens , Someone commented on :“ It's not easy , Married for so many years or so loving , Envious .” And people :“ Ouyang Zhenhua is in good shape .” Also expressed :“ The big diamond ring is so eye-catching .”

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