Only nine days have passed! Wu Yifan's fans appealed on the Internet: please let people go if there is no evidence

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days passed wu yifan fans

After Wu Yifan was arrested , Except for his mother and the studio , Wu Yifan's fans also made a lot of inexplicable moves

According to Wu Yifan, the arrest has passed 9 God , Some fans wrote on the Internet that : Wu Yifan is innocent , If there is no evidence , Please let people go

Of course , Wu Yifan is still a criminal suspect , But by convention , Cases like Wu Yifan usually have results in three days , If the complex is serious, there will be results in a week , The plot is too serious. It'll be done in two weeks , Too serious problems involve too much time will last longer

As a well-known artist , If the police have no evidence , Wu Yifan will not be detained at all

You can say the least , Even if Wu Yifan still has the possibility of turning over , But other companies will not cooperate with him , Stars won't go out with him anymore , But Wu Yifan still has his own commercial value , There will still be a wave of iron powder like him , Who calls him handsome

Even insiders said , In the Wu Yifan incident , Even his good brothers Lu Han and Huang Zitao were called to take notes , But this is a normal process , Just check Wu Yifan's circle of friends

The same Korean wave came back , Habits are also different ! Korean trainee training is very hard and strict , After his official debut, he is influenced by his family education and the people around him , The key is whether you can restrain yourself .

I can only say that today's rice circle is very crazy , A young newcomer , It's so hot that it's the top stream for nearly ten years , One rollover after another , Usually it looks very good , Once it explodes , Really only what you can't think of, nothing they can't do . Very tired , A friend of mine used to be a fan of Wu Yifan , From the beginning, I didn't care or believe , To hesitate and tangle , Then there is collapse and de pulverization , After a few days, I was confused , Look worried . But I'm afraid , If your idol thinks so, it's similar to her . What do fans say , Clearly pay the most , Get the least , The result is still happy , In the end, it may be said that he asked for it .

The most angry thing is Wu Yifan's big fan Liu's sentence “ It scared us all , Almost ruined the welfare of fans !” What benefits ? What kind of three views is this ?

So , The so-called rice circle is to deceive these children who have not entered the society , Before my brother , After brother , The whole body is haggard , Finally get a lonely , See the social , A few will have that time to pay attention to the so-called stars

The entertainment industry is so dirty , I don't know how many people are still hiding , Know people, know faces, don't know hearts , What's more, they only show us the side under the lens , Are there any clean people in the entertainment industry

Finally, I saw the true face of the entertainment industry again , Black and white , What value do those stars really bring to society , In fact, it's worthless , The rise and fall of a country depends on economic development , Innovative technology , Strong military backing , Those scientists are worthy of respect .

It's time to crack down like this ! Now the entertainment industry has brought too much negative impact on teenagers ! You know, the dike of thousands of miles collapses in the ant nest , Until now, the martyrs have paid the price of blood , Scientists have spent their lives learning , How much sweat did the workers and farmers pay in exchange for ! Many people need money , But not without conscience !

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