74 year old Kaohsiung holds an umbrella for Zhou Jieqiong! Hair and beard are all white, working in the scorching sun, and the whole process of exposure is distressing

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year old kaohsiung holds umbrella

In recent days, ,74 Old drama bone Kaohsiung filming Reuters exposure . It can be seen from the photos that Kaohsiung is wearing white T T-shirt , Wearing a baseball cap , Wearing sunglasses, the overall wear is very grounded . Kaohsiung has loose facial skin , White hair and white beard gills around the mouth are very eye-catching .

And Zhou Jieqiong, in her prime of life, just 22 year , She wore two clothes in the hot sun , Wearing a sun hat , Hold the portable electric fan in your hand . She has exquisite facial features , The skin is white and smooth , The body and skin condition are well maintained .

From Reuters photos, it is not difficult to see that there were a lot of people on the scene that day , The sun shines strongly , The outdoor temperature can be imagined . Kaohsiung holds an umbrella , Put your umbrella close to Zhou Jieqiong , Zhou Jieqiong frowned , A bad expression looks bad . When speaking on the stage , Zhou Jieqiong first took the microphone and said , Kaohsiung stood aside .

When netizens saw this Reuters photo, they went to the comment area of the social platform to leave messages , Think the times are different , It's sad that people who used to shoot films now have to hold umbrellas for new actors , Some netizens satirized Zhou Jieqiong :“ Zhou is really a big star ”, Zhou Jieqiong herself did not respond to this .

However, some netizens think Kaohsiung is taking care of the little girl, very gentleman , Zhou Jieqiong gave her umbrella to Kaohsiung , The microphones are rotated in sequence , She is a girl who respects her predecessors very much .

As we all know, Kaohsiung has been in the performing arts circle for 50 An artist in , Because of his role 《 The Demi-Gods and the Semi-Devils 》、《 Fist of fury 》、《 Heroes of the earth 》 We were deeply impressed , Become a classic memory of our childhood .

Zhou Jieqiong is a new generation of traffic , She lies 2016 He made his debut through the Korean talent show , Then he returned home to serve as 《 Idol trainee 》 Tutor . As a love bean activity for several years , Now I'm an actor , I took part in it 《 Tang female forensic 》 Such drama , Now we are working with the old opera bone Kaohsiung to prepare new works .

Filming in a hot environment is really tiring , It is very important for actors to help each other , If we are not on the scene, we still don't over interpret their behavior , Zhou Jieqiong is really a very polite girl , Kaohsiung is also an old drama bone of a very dedicated gentleman .

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