The younger brother is becoming more and more fashionable. Dark green down jacket with black sweater is a proper masculine temperament

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younger brother fashionable. fashionable dark

Wei daxun showed his masculine temperament and strong tidal flu when he went to the airport this time , It's so attractive , Wei daxun was wearing a black hooded sweater , The Black Hoodie is chic and low-key , Hooded guards are the most common , Very attractive , Black sweater can show a sense of vitality , Highlight fashion temperament , Black is a color that helps to set off personal temperament , Can highlight their own charm , And show the charm of other clothes , So no matter what color you wear, you can wear a black sweater

When wearing a sweater, pay attention to , The sweater is relatively loose , Very comfortable , But when wearing a sweater in winter, it's best to match it with a bottomed shirt , This can improve the warmth effect , And the appropriate bottomed shirt can make the temperament better . For example, when wearing a black sweater, you can match it with a white bottomed shirt , When wearing a white sweater, you can consider choosing a black bottomed shirt , Black and white is the most classic , How to match it has a sense of fashion

Wei daxun's coat is a dark green down jacket , Dark green, deep and generous , It has a strong attraction , Dark green down jacket is very rare , So it can attract attention . Wei daxun's down jacket adds elegance , Let its temperament change from a teenager to a handsome man , Wei daxun's down jacket is also stitched with black parts , The combination of dark green and black shows a sense of fashion , Classical atmosphere , Very attractive

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