Chen Lu unilaterally announced her relationship with Huo Zun. After one night, Huo Zun didn't respond, and the card point theory was broken

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chen lu unilaterally announced relationship

8 month 8 Friday night , Selfie blogger Chen Lu met Huo Zun on the social platform , And sun out a close group photo of the two , The essay is a red heart .

This is the standard official publicity template , But after Chen Lu sent the document , Huo zunfang didn't move at all .

At first, netizens were divided into 2 A kind of saying .

One 、 Huo Zun doesn't admit , The woman forced the palace .

Because Huo Zun didn't send a response , So many netizens think they should have talked about , But Huo Zun doesn't want to put Chen Lu in the open , They didn't agree , Chen Lu was annoyed , Just take a group photo .

Just want to use this way , Forcing Huo Zun to admit .

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