Little fresh meat tore Li Xuejian angrily: why do you get more than 100000 films? SA Beining: what are you!

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little fresh meat tore li

Little fresh meat tore Li Xuejian angrily : Why do you get more than 100000 yuan , Sabine : What do you count? !

Eat melons for entertainment every day , Have a good day , Welcome to eat melons ! Sabine is a popular CCTV host , Because of his humorous style , And handsome appearance , Plus solid and stable hosting skills , From his original rule of law program host , He has become today's omni-directional host in various programs of Hunan Satellite TV and CCTV .

Maybe the audience who watched the program hosted by Sabine , It is often seen that guests or spectators deliberately ask questions for Sabine , But Sabine can always solve the problem through its high double quotient , It can also make the audience and guests laugh . But once on a show , Always safe 、 The good tempered Sabine suddenly lost his temper , Angry with a little fresh meat actor , What the hell is going on here ? This has to be done from a file called 《 To speak! 》 Our program talks about , This program is a program that invites those well-known elders to answer their puzzles and promote positive energy for teenagers , One of the links is for the audience to ask questions , That is, the audience asks questions , Let Sabine and the guests answer .

The day of the incident , The program group invited the famous old actor Li Xuejian 、 After answering many questions, Li Xuejian and SA Beining , Come to the audience and ask questions , A new actor asked a question , He said when he made a TV play , Li Xuejian took... In four days 10 More than 10000 yuan of film pay . As a man in the play , His salary is only 4000 element . He is very dissatisfied with it . Ask the producer , The producer told me that the money had been taken away by the big shot . In this regard , The actors are very dissatisfied , He asked Sabine and Li Xuejian , Why did Li Xuejian get such a high salary , And he can only get 4000 element .

In this regard , Li Xuejian said calmly , Actors want high salaries , Want to stand up . They must be able to have famous works , They want to be famous overnight , Getting rich overnight is a dream . Sabine also fainted on the spot , Criticized the fresh meat , What are you ? Unwilling to work hard for your dreams , Complain about low wages , Obviously unconscious , You talk too much , This is your dream, not someone else's dream , Your dreams need you to act , Instead of watching others take money to drive luxury cars . Your dream must be realized by yourself , This is your dream , The rest is someone else's .

Must say , Sabine is still very good at talking , Not only accuse fresh meat of short-sighted eyes , It also gives guidance on what to do , People unconsciously want to praise it . Today's sharing is here , Thank you readers for your reading , What do you want to say about this , Leave a comment !

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