Wang Zulan's little daughter's 100 day photo exposure netizen: like father does not necessarily have like daughter

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wang zulan little daughter day

As a Hong Kong Artist , Wang Zulan has a lot of contacts with the Mainland .

1998 Joined radio in Hong Kong , Start making a formal debut ,03 In the stage play 《 Beautiful marriage 》 Play the leading actor in , Nominated for Hong Kong stage drama for the first time “ the best actor ” prize ;05 In, he became a blockbuster because of his oral skills ;13 In, he was starred by director Wang Jingxiang 《 Laughing skill shocked Wulin 》 Spring into fame , Started a smooth life in the entertainment industry , Although I haven't made much movies recently , But he is often active in various variety shows .

On a variety show 《 Trump to trump 》 in , Wang Zulan also showed his super high IQ , Emotional intelligence and talent , It also brings countless laughter to the audience .

2020 year 12 month 17 Japan , Wang Zulan announced on her microblog that his wife Li Yanan had a second child , And a play with three women , Don't be like me , baby , Happy birthday, !

3 month 11 Japan , Wang Zulan wrote that her little daughter is a hundred days , The fleshy mother can't hold it anymore .

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