Chen Sicheng sent a microblog to celebrate Tong Liya's birthday. Why did Chen Sicheng and Tong Liya divorce?

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chen sicheng sent microblog celebrate

Maybe every birthday before , It's just different this time , Their names have changed . Recently, Chen Sicheng posted a microblog to celebrate Tong Liya's birthday , Many netizens want to know why Chen Sicheng and Tong Liya divorced ?

(8.8) It's Tong Liya 37 birthday . Chen Sicheng wrote on his microblog that “ Happy birthday to mother Duoduo ”, Send birthday wishes to ya ya , This triggered a heated discussion among netizens , Whether the marriage is divorced or not , Some people say this is deliberate hype , Can't divorce even say a blessing ? Chen Sicheng and Tong Liya were actually a model couple in the entertainment industry in the early days , The two met in the Beijing love story crew , Love comes from play , Then slowly came together .

It is said on the Internet that they have agreed to divorce . But the parties have not responded from beginning to end . Many netizens hold grievances for Yaya , Denounce Chen Sicheng's scum man . And in the past two years, Yaya has worked harder and harder , The whole person has become confident , Many netizens also expect him to have a better life . Yaya's acting career in recent years can be said to be a higher level , I met Huang Xuan a while ago 、 Chen Shu and other stars cooperate 《 Perfect relationship 》 It was also a hit , Well received .

I found that the pressure of stars in the face of public opinion , It's too big for us to imagine , If you really love Tong Liya or Chen Sicheng , Please pay more attention to the official news , Don't follow those unscrupulous “ Public opinion expert ” Create a crisis of public opinion , I still hope Yaya can bring more works !

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