When setting up Huang Lei, Huang Bo resolutely said that he would no longer cooperate: from top flow to no one's interest, do you regret it

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setting huang lei huang bo

In recent years, the entertainment industry has risen rapidly like a rocket , Many young love beans also show their fists in various programs , The number of fans is also soaring , To say the most loved by the audience , That's the reality show type of variety show , After all, many fans of such programs can more intuitively see the most real side of their favorite love beans , It can also let many ordinary people see how the stars are in the recording .

The public likes it , This makes this reality show variety show emerge one after another , In recent years , What many people prefer is the extreme man's help, that is 《 Challenge the limit 》, Time passed quickly , This variety show has also been filmed in the sixth season , You may not know that the director has changed since the end of the fourth season , It is also the turning point of the extreme challenge , The shooting of the previous seasons was led by Yan Min , In the fifth and sixth season, the current Shi Jianing , A netizen once broke the news : He framed Huang Lei , As a good brother, Huang Bo also expressed decisively : Not working with him , From the previous top flow to now no one cares , I don't know if I have ever regretted ?


At the beginning, the last welcome of the variety show is 《 Running man 》 and 《 Challenge the limit 》 了 , The two variety shows are also highly competitive , Time slips away at any time ,《 Challenge the limit 》 Also left far behind , What on earth is it for ? The first reaction in everyone's mind must be the change of actors , Maybe the plot is not attractive enough . However, the truth is often invisible , The main reason is that 《 Challenge the limit 》 It also belongs to a kind of reality show .

The reason why most viewers like this program , It's their reality under the lens , If the script limits actors too much , Then the effect of the program will certainly hit the street , New members are very necessary , Once upon a time , Huang Bo should be out of work , But I didn't meet the once extreme men's gang , But feelings still exist , Don't forget to send a document to support your brother , And take the initiative to cheer on the new members , And specially met Aite with a new partner .

Not only stars, but also many people , Once you have your own family and career , It's hard to laugh with your friends , Sun Honglei once was also unable to schedule , And had to put down the recording , The departure of sun Honglei and Huang Bo is very important to 《 Challenge the limit 》 It's impossible to say no effect , They are the source of traffic in the program , The gimmick of "three fine and three silly" is also deeply loved , Their departure , I can't get it together .

Now that I'm here , Then we must talk about 《 Challenge the limit 》 Huang Banxian in , Mr. Huang Lei has been ridiculed by everyone in the program as a god operator , Mainly in the extreme challenge, he can predict everything , Whether it's EQ or IQ, many people are far behind , Others ridiculed it as “ old fox ”, Very cunning, that is, smart . Huang Lei's intelligence can be seen everywhere , Once recorded an issue , Huang Lei found the box of extreme men's gang , Ready to open , I didn't expect that the director wouldn't let , And tell this is the next step , It hasn't been done yet , Otherwise the game can't be played .

For the program , This situation should be more natural , There are many netizens who don't like the extreme challenge , Seize the opportunity , A load of nonsense . Speaking of this , Everyone for 《 Challenge the limit 》 The reason why the four seasons have been going downhill , There should be a general view , Did director Yan Min appear in my mind ?


Watch it often 《 Challenge the limit 》 Spectator , For Huang Bo 、 Huang Lei is getting familiar with these people , Know that once they play regardless of the rules , This makes the program more interesting , If you are completely bound by the script , Then you can't play such a wonderful effect , Now the director is still a guest to follow the idea of the script , You can't find another way , Such a decision also makes many people less interested in extreme challenges .

Another way to talk , After Huang Lei happened ,《 Challenge the limit 》 It's completely cold in many people's hearts , Frame Huang Lei , Huang Bo said he would no longer cooperate , From the original top traffic , Up to now, no one cares , There is no longer the original hit audience , The decline has been severe .

Since it's called a reality show , Then more should be free to play , Out of the bondage of the script , The focus is on real people , Instead of focusing on the show , Often intervene to play the script , It is destined to be this result , What do you think ?

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