The five martial arts dramas that have been popular in recent years have been highly praised, especially the last one!

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First part 《 Once upon a time, there was a Lingjian mountain 》

In recent years, there have been many immortal Xia dramas , This one is my favorite one ! Although the content is somewhat unreasonable , But I still like this style , Maybe the older you are, the less you can see the tangled things in love , I like this kind of humorous plot , With a little funny nonsense plot ! The hero is also a star in recent years , Acting is also very good ! The only bad thing about the play , Maybe the heroine is easy to make people play , I don't feel like a good match with the hero , Instead, male one and male two are more cp Feel it ! however , Overall, it's not bad , Looking forward to the second season ~

Second parts 《 One inch of lovesickness for teenagers 》

Whether it's the protagonist or supporting actor, they're not just themselves , Their hearts are filled with justice . The fighting scene inside , The scenes are full marks , Have visual and aesthetic enjoyment . The plot is also compact , It's very informative . And the adaptation of the whole plot is very grand , Not just love , And friendship , And patriotism . Personally, I really feel that the characterization and overall feeling of this play are not inferior to Langya Bang . The character fits their external performance very well , The change and growth of character are also in line with the development of the plot . I like this kind of ancient costume drama with a strong ancient flavor , The picture has texture , The lines are also very meaningful , It's a very good martial arts drama in recent years .

Third parts 《 Detective Jane doesn't know 》

It's a good martial arts play in the past two years . Actor paste , The play is also poor , But it has the flavor of ancient martial arts drama , The group portraits are doing well . There's a Cologne . The plot is good , Yes bug But on the whole, it's ok , Martial arts play is not very good , But it looks beautiful . The heroine's play is very elegant , Horse riding is also on their own . The characters and people are very good , Men have high intelligence , The hostess is a killer , Force value is high , The second man is Han Han , But it's lovely , The love play between female and male is very good . All in all , The crew worked hard , The women disguised as men in the early stage of female owners are very conscientious , At night, candles light up , It looks very textured . Live shooting is also very conscientious , It's a good novel writer . I hope there is a second season !

Fourth parts 《 There are bandits 》

Some bandits are 2021 The first conscience play I've watched in years . It was originally directed at Zhao Liying , But unexpectedly found Wang Yibo , What a wonderful guy , It's also fate . There are some shortcomings in the plot , But all the way , Made a lot of tears , The two protagonists are never tired of seeing , Later I found out that Liying was ten years older than Yibo , ha-ha . I didn't see it at all when I watched the play , Get along with all kinds of good , All kinds of matching , A faint taste of love . After reading it, I haven't been out of the pit for some time , Brush and brush , It's a favorite play this year . I would like to advise you , Don't because of those brainless black , And missed this conscience martial arts play ~

Part five 《 Mountains and rivers make 》

On the whole , The plot is meticulous , Each line has its own meaning , Although some plots are not designed carefully and perfectly , But there are no hidden faults , Supporting actors have their own stories and souls , Not just a thin tool for the protagonist , The group is rich ~ It can more deeply depict the world outlook of the play , Let people experience a sense of situation in watching the play and empathy in it ! Although the dubbing and the actor's mouth often don't match, it's a bit of a play , Slow action martial arts + It's a little awkward to fly around too much , The color of Fu Huadao is too thick, etc , But the rich plot alone can make me ignore all this ! Especially the infinite reverie left by the end , Even more impressive !

Five popular martial arts dramas in recent years , Which movies did you chase ? It's not easy to code words , Welcome to pay attention to like , Message discussion .

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