37 year old Zhu Zhu Sun old photos, dispel rumors and cosmetic surgery! Green and astringent face with thick lips, once known as the most beautiful face

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year old zhu zhu sun

8 month 9 Japan , Actress Zhu Zhu updated a dynamic on the social platform , She shared her old photos more than ten years ago , To refute the rumor that she had been corrected .

Zhu Zhu said 20 How old were you , Her lips are big , And now it's even smaller than before . You can see , In the plain state , It looks green , And her skin is very tight , Although the front teeth are relatively large , But the lip shape is not very different from now , Thick lips are still more eye-catching .

The second picture seems to have been taken in a bar , Zhu Zhu holds a wine cup in her hand , And wearing leather , It looks very cool and handsome . Her facial features and jaw line are exquisite , Lips are the most photographed , Without lipstick , The lips are also full .

And the last picture can be seen more clearly , Her lips are the most distinctive of her facial features . But the eyes were small at that time , It seems to be the feeling of one eyelid , Why don't we have God now , But the overall temperament is still very good .

Netizens saw a recent photo of Zhu Zhu , Someone commented on :“ Really nice lips .”, And people :“ In the past, eversion adults said it was not good-looking , Keep telling me to talk inside .”, Some people think her old photo hit the face of Japanese singer yudota .

Now Zhu Zhu has 37 Year old , She has been on the list many times “ The most beautiful face in the world ”, Although I majored in science and Technology , But she is very talented , I often work part-time as a model and freelance writer . Since then she has worked for 《 Kung Fu Panda 3》 dubbing , And starred 《 Elite lawyers 》 Etc , Also gained a lot of audience's love .

Zhu Zhu has been in a good relationship with her husband since they got married , And I'm in good shape during pregnancy , Not long ago, I was pregnant and watched the exhibition with my husband , It's really enviable . And Zhu Zhu didn't feel haggard after wearing light makeup a few days ago , Yan Qianchao is very beautiful .

Everyone's facial features have their own characteristics , The beauty of Zhu Zhu in the old photo is also super high . I hope Zhu Zhu can keep in good shape , I also wish her and her husband's feelings have been sweet .

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