In order to keep young, she doesn't have children and doesn't bask in the sun. Now at 51, she is still like a girl

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Everyone's appearance , More or less, it will become more and more “ Ageing ”. For many people, they don't want their appearance to become ugly , So I did a lot of maintenance , This behavior is more common among stars . One of the most successful is Lin Zhiying , Nothing has changed over the years , So it's also called “ Frozen age God ”. But in fact , There's another one “ Goddess of frozen age ” It's even more powerful .

She is —— Zhou huimin , I believe you must be familiar with this name when you hear it ? At the peak of Zhou Huimin , In the Hong Kong Film and television circle at that time, Zhou Huimin was one of the best people , And it is also called “ Hong Kong's most beautiful goddess ” One of . And now after all these years , Zhou Huimin's appearance hasn't changed much , Therefore, there is also a saying “ Once upon a time, my father's goddess was Zhou Huimin , Now my goddess is also Zhou Huimin ”.

Although Zhou Huimin has 51 Year old , But the appearance hasn't changed much , Even many people get out of shape when they get old , But this pig killing knife of the years doesn't seem to be aimed at Zhou Huimin , It doesn't change much from the body in its twenties . And her maintenance method , Just never have children and bask in the sun .

Because having a baby will make you lose shape , Sunbathing will damage the skin by ultraviolet rays , Will accelerate aging , So every time I go out, I will be fully prepared , But many people don't understand her behavior . In fact, everyone has the right to pursue his own appearance , And Zhou Huimin is the most successful one . Even now I'm middle-aged , But his appearance did not diminish , It's really enviable . Netizens think ?

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