The "most expensive" actor took 33 film emperors in 38 years and blamed himself for endorsing only one advertisement in his life

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expensive actor took film emperors

Now most people like to watch TV dramas such as sweet pet suspense . Many historical dramas will not be seen by many people , In fact, many powerful actors in the entertainment industry have played historical dramas , But they are very low-key .

Mr. Li Xuejian is a very powerful teacher , But very low-key people . When he was young, he entered the art troupe , Later, he entered the entertainment industry . He shot the first 1 The works are 《 Tianshan line 》. In the same year, because he played the role of Lin Biao , Got the 1 The plum blossom Award . He still played Jiao Yulu and 《 Water margin 》 Song Jiang , He has paid great attention to his acting all his life . However, there is injustice , He was in 00 In, I checked out that I had nasopharyngeal carcinoma . And with age, hearing begins to decline , These have had a great impact on his acting career .

Before, Hu Ge was at an award ceremony , Because Mei Changsu won the best popular actor . At that time, teacher Li Xuejian ranked below him . Hu Ge also respects him very much , Say to teacher Li Xuejian : I'm very sorry to win this award myself . It can also be seen that Mr. Li Xuejian is very prestigious .

Teacher Li Xuejian has been on the road for many years , Played a lot of classic roles , I have 33 The second movie Emperor . He also has many identities in his life , Co vice chairman of the literary and artistic circles and chairman of the Chinese filmmakers Association .

You know that , Actors also shoot some advertisements , Teacher Li Xuejian is no exception , He once shot an advertisement , It's about throat candy . But he regretted that the advertisement . It's a shame for the audience . So he hasn't shot any advertisements since . Do you think Mr. Li Xuejian's approach is correct ?

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