There is a kind of "cosmetic surgery" that calls the separation of husband and wife. Tong Liya feels the return of girls, and Chen Sicheng is greasy and dare not recognize it

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kind cosmetic surgery calls separation

Marriage means a couple , In order to achieve the purpose of living together , In accordance with legal procedures , Approved by relevant departments , The act of obtaining a marriage certificate .

After both men and women register for marriage , A legal agreement was reached , Both sides will spend the rest of their lives with each other , Then have children 、 Support each other , Become each other's life partners .

A man's life is long , For humans who live in groups , Partners are very important , It's human nature . It's just that people are animals with complex feelings , The requirements for life partners are very high , Everyone hopes to find a satisfactory person who can spend the rest of his life with him .

Marriage is for a person , It's a big thing in life , Even if the marriage ends without illness , It will also be a memory deeply imprinted in the hearts of two people .

“ You will always be my favorite , Guard in another way ” This sentence is the dynamic of Chen Sicheng when he announced his separation from Tong Liya , At the same time, he also attached photos of Tong Liya and their son .

Chen Sicheng is from the Mainland 70 Later famous director 、 Actor and screenwriter , He graduated from Chinese opera , stay 22 He started as a singer at the age of , And become the top ten in the traffic list .

The year after his debut, Chen Sicheng entered the performing arts circle , He was nominated for the best actor of the Hundred Flowers Award in his junior year . At the same time , He took part in the film again , Nominated for three best actor awards .

After graduation, Chen Sicheng 2 year , Take over many in-depth film and television dramas , After signing the contract with Huayi Brothers brokerage company , Participated in many film and television plays .

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