Although it is cool to wear white in summer, it is slightly monotonous. Black is used as ornament to enhance the fashionable effect

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cool wear white summer slightly

There are many colors , Different colors can create different fashion effects , Even if it's the same style 、 Clothes of different colors , The upper body effect is also different . According to the color system, the color can be simply divided into dark color system and light color system , Dark clothes have poor reflective effect 、 Good heat absorption , Winter clothes are mostly dark . The light color system has good reflective effect 、 Poor heat absorption , It's a common color for summer clothes , Especially white , The cooling effect is very good .

August , Just the hottest dog days of the year , How can summer relieve summer heat ? Only from the clothing collocation , Try to choose some light fabrics 、 Good air permeability 、 Lighter clothes . It's cool to wear white in summer , But slightly monotonous , At this time, you can use black to decorate , Easily enhance the fashionable effect . Now let's take a look at how Street photographers make white tie-in more fashionable .

For fashionable and beautiful girls , No skirt, no summer , therefore , Skirt has become a must-have fashion item for every girl in summer . Skirts can be divided into dresses and skirts , Every spring is the most popular time for dresses , In the summer , These fashionable girls prefer to wear their own skirts , Use different styles of tops and shoes , Create different styles of fashion taste .

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