When Wang Baoqiang first saw his idol Andy Lau, his head was blank and he was so excited that he flopped down on his knees

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wang baoqiang saw idol andy

When Wang Baoqiang first met his idol Andy Lau , A blank head , He flopped down on his knees with excitement , It confused Andy Lau , Also followed kneeling down .

Wang Bao saw , More excited , He knocked a few more , Andy Lau reacted , Wave your hands , Pulled Wang Baoqiang up .

Feng Xiaogang is Wang Baoqiang's Bole , a 《 A world without Thieves 》 Let Wang Baoqiang explode overnight .

After the film came out , Caused a sensation , set up 1.2 Billion yuan box office , This film is also the first film directed by Feng Xiaogang with a box office of more than 100 million .

In preparation 《 A world without Thieves 》 when , A fool's horn , Feng Xiaogang immediately selected Wang Baoqiang , Because he has seen Wang Baoqiang play before 《 Blind well 》. Honest and honest Wang Baoqiang left a deep impression on him .

So he called Wang Baoqiang who was still waiting for a group performance at the gate of Beiying : I'm Feng Xiaogang , I'd like to invite you to make a movie !

Wang Baoqiang thought he had met a liar , replied : neuropathy !

Feng Xiaogang was not angry : The phone can't tell , If you believe me , Come to the crew for an interview , If it works, use you !

Wang Baoqiang is skeptical , He felt like he had no contacts , Two have no face value , It's impossible for pie to fall from the sky. Someone took the initiative to act with him .

Go back to the shabby house shared by several people , He told his roommate the strange thing , Roommates see more about the world than he does , Tell him : Let's not care if it's a lie , Go and have a look first , Maybe it's true , Besides, what did you let him cheat !

Wang Baoqiang heard it too , Clean up a little , Just go to the interview according to the designated place on the phone .

Sure enough, he saw Feng Xiaogang , I feel a little comforted at last , Feng Xiaogang said : I saw your movie 《 Blind well 》 Very good , So I want you to play 《 A world without Thieves 》 Silly root in .

Wang Baoqiang seemed to dream , I feel happy from the sky , Before he calms down , Feng Xiaogang said again : You work with big names like Andy Lau and ge you .

Wang Baoqiang couldn't say anything excited , You know, Andy Lau has been his idol for many years !

When he saw Andy Lau , A blank head , With a plop, he knelt down , Andy Lau was stunned : What are you doing ? Then he knelt down .

Wang Baoqiang knelt down at the sight of Andy Lau , He banged his head again , It made Andy Lau very embarrassed , What a real fool !

Feng Xiaogang laughed , Introduce... To Andy Lau : His name is Wang Baoqiang , It's the silly root I've come to work with you , What about? , That's OK ?

Andy Lau led Wang Baoqiang up , Said enthusiastically : Nice guy , I'm very optimistic about you , You will play well !

Wang Baoqiang was greatly moved , I didn't expect that idols should be so approachable , He secretly vowed to play silly root .

later , Wang Baoqiang really became popular with this play , He and Andy Lau have also become close friends . I am even more grateful to Feng Xiaogang .

When he learned that Feng Xiaogang had a bad stomach , Every year I carry a bag of millet from my hometown to Feng Xiaogang's house , Speak a native dialect : This is green and pollution-free millet planted by my father and mother , Porridge is good for your stomach .

Andy Lau, for the younger generation of Wang Baoqiang , I also appreciate it very much , Not only did he take care of him during the filming , He also taught Wang Baoqiang to dance .

Wang Baoqiang sent a document to thank Andy Lau , And frankly, Andy Lau is his idol .

Wang Baoqiang also took a group photo with Andy Lau , And revealed the cooperation with Andy Lau again , Thank Andy Lau 15 Taught him to act years ago , Also thank Andy Lau 15 Teach him to dance again years later .

last year , Andy Lau and Wang Baoqiang sing a new year song 《 May you be happy and prosperous 2020》, It's also eye-catching . Andy Lau looks very handsome in his military coat .

Have to say , Wang Baoqiang is really the darling of fate , Although the matter of Ma Rong hit him hard , But fate did not abandon him , On the contrary, it makes him live more wonderful in adversity .

source : Entertainment history

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