Zhang Ziyi and Huo Qishan broke up, really because the eight characters and the name do not accord with the metaphysics of the Huo family?

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zhang ziyi huo qishan broke

In Zhang Ziyi's relationship , The most sensational thing is definitely the relationship with Huo Qishan , But their relationship is also strange , Hong Kong media only took kissing photos , Then there's nothing else , The next step is to break up .

The reason for breaking up is that the Huos don't accept Zhang Ziyi's name , Because the names of Huo's daughter-in-law are “ABB” Formal . But this is to give the outside world a statement , Netizens are not so easy to fool .

So what is the truth ?


Zhang Ziyi didn't come from a major , Her school is Beijing Dance Academy , Just because of the wrong circumstances , Selected by Zhang Yimou to shoot 《 My father and mother 》 So it suddenly caught fire .

Zhang Ziyi is a strong person in her heart , And still ambitious .

She danced from primary school , But flexibility is not very good , Others can reach their ankles with their hands , She can only reach other people's ankles with her hands .

But she's so strong , After everyone else goes to bed with the lights off , She has to go to the practice room to practice secretly , When sleeping on the upper bunk, put your legs on the wall and press your legs .

In the preparation 《 My father and mother 》 period , Zhang Ziyi really went to the countryside and dug potatoes every day 、 Feed pigs 、 Doing farm work , Just to get closer to the character .

My father and mother suddenly praised Zhang Ziyi , Then Zhang Yimou recommended Zhang Ziyi to Ang Lee , And then there was 《 Crouching tiger, hidden dragon 》.

This role was originally Shu Qi's , But Shu Qi didn't answer . But although not Shu Qi , Ang Lee never thought about Zhang Ziyi . Ang Lee wanted to use new people , But new people can't bear hardships , So Zhang Ziyi was selected .

How hard does Zhang Ziyi spell ? This character plays a lot , Naturally, some training should be arranged , Everyone else is finished , Only Zhang Ziyi is still practicing .

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