Hot mom was rejected by the teacher when she opened the parents' meeting. She became empty talk because she was "hot" and dressed freely

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hot mom rejected teacher opened

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“ I don't understand , What's wrong with me wearing this ? That's what I usually wear !”

Delicate ( alias ) With a depressed face, he began to complain , It's rare to attend the parents' meeting , But he was rejected by the teacher because of his dressing style , Who is not depressed in such a thing . At least it's a mother , such “ persuade sb. to resign from an official position ” It hurts ChuChu's self-esteem , Thanks to the teacher's private persuasion , If it's in front of the children , Then you can't give up .

As a best friend , I have a clear “ Freedom to dress ” Very helpless , She has been passionate since she was a child , It may have something to do with being born overseas , After returning home, she still maintains her sexy and hot dressing style , Even for the sake of my mother , Exposed navel super shorts don't leave the body , It's OK to wear it in ordinary work , It's all adults , Freedom to dress , But this time “ free ” To the children's school , That's a serious problem .

“ You are still wronged ? You should also pay attention to the occasion when you dress, okay ?”

“ What occasion ? Dress freely, okay ? No occasion is as important as your own happiness .”

The best friend chatted and broke up unhappily , This age , Everyone says dress freely , But in my opinion , Freedom without separation is equivalent to jumping in Church , There is no violation of the law , But it does violate the established rules . ChuChu is no exception , As a hot mother , She has the freedom to choose the style of dress , But as a mother , She also has the obligation to safeguard the child's dignity .

Too sexy , Out of tune with the school atmosphere

“ There is one ‘ make angry ’ My mother is not a good thing , The world of children is full of discrimination .”

Experts say , Children are naive and cruel , Their world is simple , It's so simple that it's either black or white , This is due to their narrow understanding of the outside world , The brain can't handle complex situations , Most of them deal with complex information with diode thinking , Even follow others , Based on the ideas of their parents .

If the child's mother wears sexy clothes to attend the parents' meeting , It's hard to get high praise from other parents , After all, dressing to suit the occasion is a rule that every parent abides by , Hot shit won't get praise , Will only get a different look , What's worse is , Other parents will convey this idea to their children , This includes some negative views .

“ My mother said ,XX Mom doesn't look like a good mom .”

Yes , Children are so cruel , They will spread the negative views they receive , This leads to the isolation of spicy mother's children , Even have a head-on conflict with your classmates . I think , This is what we all don't want to see .

Intellectual elegance , It's worth learning from every Baoma

What kind of mother gives her children the most face ? The answer is simple , Intellectual elegance , Looks like a man of extraordinary temperament . And this kind of packaging can be realized by dressing .

for instance , I once met a treasure mother in reality , Each time the other party attends the parents' meeting, they will choose a simple color , No more than three from head to foot , The style is minimalist , It's very comfortable to see , Also default that the other party has extraordinary taste . Until later I met , Only then did I know that the other party is a strong woman , Dressing is also very European and American , As for the elegant route in school , Just for the sake of children .

“ Children like Marilyn Monroe , But I only want a mother like Audrey Hepburn .”

A word awakens the dreamer , Compared to dressing freely , Hot mothers still have to think more about their children , Don't let freedom go too far .

Of course , Some Baoma think , I'm not a hot mother , But there's no time to dress up , How to attend the parents' meeting ? The answer is right next to you and me , Clean and tidy , After all, the parents' meeting is not a show , Our goal is not to humiliate our children , Conservatism is also an option , Just dress clean and tidy , No fancy clothes , That's a good mother .

What do you think of this ? Say your point of view .

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