At that time, it became popular all over the country because of a "Divine Comedy", but now it has become a rural banquet singer, and the audience is even surprised

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Facing the development of science and Technology , Social progress , People's living standards have been greatly improved . No matter who can realize that this era is developing faster and faster , Therefore, in the face of the changes of the times, everyone should also adapt to the changes of himself , At least we should recognize the changes of this era , Otherwise, you will be easily eliminated by this society .

So everyone will think about innovation , You must also have innovative ideas . Do you still remember the song that was popular all over the world 《 Jiangnan style》 and 《 My skateboarding shoes 》 These two songs ? You should remember this song 《 My skateboarding shoes 》 The grassroots Internet singer of the was on fire . But now , He didn't develop very well , Now it's reduced to a banquet singer in the countryside ! The difference between the two is too strong !

I still remember this song 《 My skateboarding shoes 》 When the fire started , It's because of the ghost animal's lyrics and dynamic melody , Let everyone remember very deeply , Every listener felt very special after listening , Features, etc . At that time , This song will be played in the streets , There are even many stars 、 Singers will also imitate this song , Even in ktv It's also very popular inside , Just go to the inevitable point of singing this song 《 My skateboarding shoes 》.

You should know , This head 《 My skateboarding shoes 》 The singer is Pang Mailang , But maybe you don't know that pommelo's singing is not very good . But when the song became popular, he signed with the record company , But because of their own image is not handsome and singing is not very good , As a result, Pang Mailang's singing career became worse and worse .

After that, Pang Mailang also published several songs , But there was no fire , The public is not very recognized , Now it's really pathetic to be reduced to a singer singing for a rural banquet , Even after singing , Did audience give him applause ! This is undoubtedly the heaviest blow to a singer . What do you think ?

Xiaobian finally wants to say , Whether it's a star, a singer or our ordinary staff , If you choose an industry, you should adapt to the changes of the times , Do your job to the taste of the public , Dream , Otherwise, it is likely to develop worse and worse like pommeron , Not even recognized by a few people , Such a person is undoubtedly a great failure , So we should work harder !

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