Lu Han is finally out of the mountain again. The new play takes the lead. Her partner is the post-95 strength faction

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lu han finally mountain again.

In recent years , Guoman frequently goes out of the circle, which makes many people join the team of chasing Guoman , Even some high-quality comic works will be adapted into film and television dramas , For example, the fire some time ago 《 Long song line 》, Is adapted from animation works .

The play , We also saw a lot of cartoon scenes , It can be said to be a bright sight .

however , With the film and television of novels, there are more and more works , Quality is also emerging one after another , Most of them are polarized by word of mouth , There are only a few works that can really restore the original work into characters in animation and present them on the screen .

Friends who like Guoman , We should pay attention to the fantasy of this collection created by Mi er 、 Funny 、 Martial arts 、 Fighting in a high-quality blood cartoon ——《 Under one man 》( also called 《 A stranger 》) Familiar with .

The cartoon is in 2016 - 2020 During the year , Even the three seasons are high reputation comics , Got a lot of attention , Also harvested a lot of comic powder .

It is reported that , This cartoon is about to be filmed , Will be directed by well-known mainland director wuershan ( including : The movie 《 Painted skin 2》、《 The trilogy of the gods 》 etc. ), Strong Director , at present , The film is still in the preparatory stage .

But the cast you want to know has been exposed , The master will be “ Lie flat ” In the past year, Lu Han played .

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