Compromise with Zhang Heng and show love? Zheng Shuang: man, give me a way to live. I'm not a devil, I'm your little monster

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Early this morning , Zheng Shuang wrote on his social networking site : Man, give me a way to live , I'm not a devil , I'm your little monster . For a time, it attracted a lot of onlookers and hot discussion , Zheng Shuang sent a document late at night. Is this to please Zhang Heng ? Is it a compromise with Zhang Heng ?

Although I don't know who Zheng Shuang sent it to , But you can feel Zheng Shuang's humbleness in your words , Even a little ambiguous . Many netizens teased Zheng Shuang and finally bowed his head , It seems that Zhang Hengsheng is out now ! It's just that Zheng Shuang's operation is really a little crazy .

Many netizens speculated that Zheng Shuang was hinting to Zhang Heng , Show that you have compromised , I hope Zhang Heng can let go of himself , It's a little ambiguous to mention the old thing again . But if Zheng Shuang really wrote it for Zhang Heng , So can Zhang Heng forgive Zheng Shuang ? After all, the two have quarreled so much .

In the past, Zheng Shuang has been selling miserably , He said he could no longer live a normal life in the United States , Almost all live on cold water , At present, only friends help , There is no other way out of life . In addition, Zheng Shuang also said that he has been learning the children's upbringing course , I will accompany my children well in the future .

Netizens said that Zheng Shuang was selling miserable washing white , Want to come back . But now the entertainment industry has very strict control over the artistic ethics of star artists , Zheng Shuang has been criticized by various official media , It must be hard to come back now . But the fans still don't give up , I hope Zheng Shuang can get a chance to reform .

In recent days, , There are also relevant film parties who deny signing yin-yang contract with Zheng Shuang , It means that there is only formal contract . This is consistent with what Zheng Shuang said , But now the situation seems that Zheng Shuang is powerless to return to heaven . At present, the property and accounts of Zheng Shuang and his parents are frozen , Zheng Shuang said that the whole family had no source of livelihood , For example, Zhengzhou needs donations , Zheng Shuang's mother donated money for Zhengzhou 200 Yuan to show concern .

Compromise with Zhang Heng and show love ? Zheng Shuang : Man, give me a way to live , I'm not a devil, I'm your little monster . I don't know what kind of feeling Zhang Heng will feel when he sees such language ? I don't know if two people have a chance to get back together !

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