Yi Nengjing's son made a debut and the stars called. Yu Chengqing didn't say a word. Is there something wrong with gender cognitive impairment?

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yi nengjing son debut stars

Yi Nengjing and Yu enli, Yu Chengqing's son, opened their own microblog , And released a video introducing myself . And it says ,“ I am an imperfect person , But I believe , When a person accepts that he is not perfect , Just perfect ”. In the video, he is wearing a white suit , Dress up beautifully and fashionable .

Once this microblog is sent , Immediately got the forwarding from Yi Nengjing .“ From this day onwards , You are no longer Yi Nengjing's son , You are yourself ”, Need to know , As Star II , It's easy to be labeled as such a child . The stars in the entertainment circle also leave messages for them below , There's Christy Chung 、 Blue Yingying 、 Zhang Meng et al , It's all Yi Nengjing 《 My sister 》 Friends on the show .

It's easy to say that star children , Open a microblog , If Mom forwards it, it's even a debut . Now that you've said you want your child to be yourself , Hope depends on strength , Not by parents . But some people wonder , Children's inner entertainment , Yu Chengqing does not forward, bless or express his position , This attitude basically acquiesces that he doesn't want his son to join the entertainment industry ?

Yu enli is not gay, I've made several girlfriends , yes les, Gender cognitive impairment, but like girls , It's a little bit more complicated . It's actually lesbian , But because there is no sex change , It's still heterosexual on the surface . Yu Chengqing is still very traditional , Can't accept trans, I don't want everyone to know that his son is like this , Yi Nengjing did this better than him , Accept your son's true self .

In fact, no matter what his son's sexual orientation , Parents should give good guidance , Don't just deny and suppress . But their family is in a special situation , After all, our ancestors , Maybe we still apply the standards of the ancient Haozu to the children . Yu Chengqing's family pays attention to family succession , After his divorce from Yi Nengjing , The second wife is an old woman , Mr. A has a daughter , Chasing another son , In contrast, Yi Nengjing is really a great mother .

Yu Chengqing doesn't speak much about his private life , He doesn't look like an irresponsible father , And Yi Nengjing's positive and negative speculation , There's nothing wrong with Yu Chengqing , After Yi Nengjing cheated, she never mentioned it , There seems to be no news except on the program . With the character of Yi Nengjing , If yu Chengqing is really bad for children , The hype has long been well known ?

Whether the mother is good or not, she still wants the child to speak for herself , I can see that Harry loves his mother very much , And talented , With this kind of mother who supports her in everything, she will be happy when she thinks about it , Mothers don't have to take care of their children in every detail , But respect him , Love him , Give him confidence to grow . Yu Chengqing is not an irresponsible father , Just an ordinary father .

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