From blade warrior to night werewolf, marvel wants to start the rhythm of the dark universe!

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We all know , In the following stages of marvel, a large number of new characters will be introduced , Even a new plot system , So we can see a lot of different plot styles , meanwhile , Because of the merger of Marvel Entertainment and marvel films , So in the past “ Play by yourself ” TV drama business , It is also gradually linked with the film universe .

therefore , In contrast, the film production cycle is longer , More and more characters may adopt “ Derivative drama online ”+“ Linkage into the movie universe ” In the form of , Now this rhythm is becoming more and more obvious in Marvel Universe .

Typical is ――

《 Moonlight Knight 》

Marvel actually announced it a long time ago 《 Moonlight Knight 》 Derivative drama project , And the protagonist of this play had a lot of speculation earlier , But in the end Marvel decided to let the earlier in 《X War policeman : Apocalypse 》 Oscar who plays the apocalypse in ・ Isaac came to be “ Moonlight Knight ” The role candidate .

Yes, of course !

In itself 《 Moonlight Knight 》 The plot style of is different from Marvel's family fun mode in the past , added 「 Moonlight Knight 」 It can be regarded as the marvel version “ batman ”, There will be many dark elements in the plot style , And according to some of Marvel's previous news , Marvel will also introduce “ Dark werewolf ” Role .

More interesting :

Marvel also plans to produce a separate spin off , Let's talk about this “ Dark werewolf ” The story of , In other words, although in 《 Moonlight Knight 》 The night werewolf who went online as a villain in , May eventually wash white , Turn into “ Anti hero ” Type of character .

Regarding this , Earlier film producer Kevin ・ Smith once wanted to use the role of night Werewolf in a short film , But eventually Kevin ・ Boss Fitch refused , For better development in the future “ Night werewolf ” The role of .

And for this 《 Night werewolf 》 In terms of role attributes ――

The original name of the night werewolf is “ jack ・ Russell ”, The reason why you have the ability to be a werewolf , Because Jack's family was cursed earlier , In ordinary times, Jack is no different from normal people , But at the full moon , Will show the characteristics of werewolves , And began to get out of control .

Obviously, this routine , It is generally the origin routine of anti hero characters , It is estimated that Marvel will start with the curse of the jack family , It may involve more plot elements about the dark version of Marvel .

besides !

If you usually have some news about marvel, fans should know , Marvel also announced that it would restart “ blade ” The character's movie project , And for “ blade ” Come on , The branch line of its role is derived from the plot of Marvel Vampire .

therefore , In the future, marvel will also begin to explore the origin of vampire stories , You know, in Marvel's original setting , The vampires of Marvel Universe come from “ Atlantis ” The Archmage in used 「 Dark book 」 Turn yourself into the first vampire in Marvel Universe .

Today, , Marvel has news that it will be in 《 panther 2》 Namo, the sea king who introduced Atlantis , The dark god book is before 《 Wanda 》 The derivative play has been launched , therefore , If you follow Marvel's original settings , These vampire elements already have .

meanwhile , Marvel was also revealed earlier that it planned to restart again 《 Ghost Rider 》 Project , Even though before 《 Agents of the shield 》 In the fourth quarter , There has been similar news that marvel is going to make a derivative play of the fourth generation evil spirit Knight , But then it stopped for some reason .

Now Marvel broke this kind of news again , however , The version of the evil spirit knight has changed , From then on, the story of the fourth generation may be transformed into the story of the second generation evil knight Qu Kai , Of course , At present, this news has not been confirmed by Marvel's official hammer .

therefore , You see ~

From vampire blade warrior to night werewolf, and then to the evil knight who may go online , In fact, these elements have a great chance to predict that Marvel will gradually start its own dark Marvel Universe branch story later .

After all , In Marvel's original settings , Characters with such Diablo attributes also have an organization , be known as “ Midnight son ”.

What is the son of midnight ?

In fact, in the setting , The son of midnight is also the superhero team of Marvel Universe , But it is different from the division of responsibilities of the Avengers , On the division of labor ,“ Midnight son ” Mainly against the magic and supernatural forces threatening the earth , This is actually similar to Dr. strange's holy place .

And for “ Midnight son ” Member settings for , One of the more typical is the evil spirit Knight 、 blade 、 Dr. strange 、 Mobias the Vampire 、 Anthropoid 、 Night werewolf, etc .

obviously , Based on this, we can see , Why was Kevin ・ Fitch won't let film producer Kevin ・ Smith used the role of Marvel night Werewolf in the short film in advance .

therefore ――

Dark version of Marvel Universe , I believe it's not far away ~

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