From star swallowing death waiter to national treasure panda death waiter, count the death waiter versions of Marvel's multi universe!

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In Marvel's setting, because the cosmic system is the setting of the multiverse , So many times the characters we see are variants with countless cosmic versions , therefore , Some of these characters are human settings in the Marvel Universe , But in some other parallel universe , Maybe it's an animal version .

I believe many people have seen this 《 Loki 》 Fans of derivative dramas are no stranger , The crocodile version of rocky appeared in the show ~

And for marvel at this stage , There is a branch plot to comprehensively show the diversity of a role , In general, there is 2 individual , One is Marvel's “ My son ” spider-man , The other one is ――

Dead men !

obviously , Because of the nature of the multiverse , Therefore, in theory, the number of death waiting versions is endless , It's impossible to list them all , But this doesn't prevent us from talking about some of the more wonderful and special death waiting versions .

【1】 The beautiful and reckless waitress ;

Because of the properties of the multiverse , So the role of gender conversion is normal, but , In the setting, the waitress Wanda ・ Wilson is one of them, from 3010 Version of the universe , On the setting , The dead maid is an image who dares to love and hate .

But with Marvel's brush , Finally, it gave the waitress a red face and poor life ――

stay 《 Death waiter slaughters death waiter 》 In the plot , Because it sets up a chaotic fight between good and evil , The female deacons belong to the deacons of the just side , However, there is a big gap between the strength of the two sides .

therefore , In the original setting , The female death waiter finally wants to kill the star swallowing death waiter of the evil camp , Chose to fly a plane full of bombs , It hit the star swallowing face , Finally, it ended up with the death of swallowing star .

【2】 The whole universe is “ Dog ” A dog in the shape of a waiter ;

In Marvel's 103173 In the universe , All the characters in this universe are the images of dogs , It's worthy of the name “ Wang Xingxing ” 了 , therefore , The dead waiter in this universe is naturally the shape of a dog , And our protagonist is a dog named Wade .

For dogs “ wade ” Come on , Its dead waiting ability basically originated from a dog cosmetics being tested “ Mascara -X” The experiment of , It is also in this experiment , Dog Wade has super self-healing ability , Just became a member of the army of dead attendants .

It is worth mentioning that :

In the setting , When the dog was in the laboratory , Directly turned over the universe “ Distribute ” To the Wolverine dog of the evil camp ~

【3】 The short-lived national treasure panda died ;

It's also the death attendant version of the animal system , however , The settings are derived from 312 The version of the panda death attendant of the universe is “ National treasure ” Attributes are more expensive than those of dogs , however , Also in the plot setting , Pandas are also very short-lived .

It's still in 《 Death waiter slaughters death waiter 》 In the plot of , Panda death attendant is a member of the justice camp , But in the process of fighting the evil death waiter , It went online in the first story , As a result, it went offline in the second story , It can be said that he is also a poor Panda .

【4】 The ronin in ancient Japan died ;

In Marvel's settings , Parallel universe TRN150 The background setting in the universe is somewhat similar to the state of ancient Japan , therefore , The death waiter in this universe is actually a “ Ronin ” modelling .

It is also because of the ronin attribute of this version , Therefore, in terms of modeling, the modeling of ronin's death waiter is slightly different from that of other death waiters , however , Also in the setting , It itself is a dead servant belonging to the justice camp , Finally, in the process of fighting the evil death waiter , Stabbed to death by several evil versions of the death attendant ~

【5】 The poison of instant noodle head is waiting for you ;

Among Marvel's many wonderful death waiting settings , The more interesting one is “ Venom death waiting ”, This edition actually comes from Marvel's 90211 The universe , It's a version of the dead waiter that was once combined with the dead waiter , meanwhile , Because in this version, after fusing the venom , On the head “ Risk ” There are a lot of venom tentacles , So it looks like instant noodles .

therefore , Once ridiculed by many fans is “ Instant noodles ”~

But at the same time , What's interesting is that ――

This version of the venom symbiont , In fact, it was symbiotic on spider man at the beginning , The reason why the difference of perineum and Yang appears in the dead waiter , Also because in the plot setting , The planet devourer hired death attendants to assassinate “ Transcendent ”, But the embarrassment is , When the death waiter finds the transcendent , Find out 2 People are like old friends at first sight , Therefore, in the end, instead of assassinating the transcendent, they spend their time with the transcendent .

It was during this period , Spider man possessed by venom came to avenge the transcendent , Spider man was defeated in battle , The venom symbiont naturally parasitized on the dead waiter beside the transcendent , The poison is waiting on the line .

Yes, of course , As we said at the beginning , In the setting of Marvel Universe , Because of the infinity of the multiverse , So it's basically endless , In addition to the above , In the setting , In fact, there are similar death waiting versions : Huang Fengshi 、 Groot died 、 Cannibal 、 Shadow deacon 、 Dead boy 、 Cowboy waiters ……

Now Marvel's movie universe has used 《 Loki 》 Opened the door to the multiverse , Then when the dead man joined the movie universe , I don't know if I can see other versions of death waiting , Need to know , A dead waiter is very talkative , If there's another one ,“ Left and right reverberation ” Version of the mouth gun surround , Absolutely interesting .

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