Chen Baixiang: his singing is comparable to that of Alan Tam. His comedy is not weak. He grew up in the colony but won the Bauhinia Star

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chen baixiang singing comparable alan

Chen Baixiang is a cunning spokesman in comedy films , His despicability is beyond the imagination of his audience friends . When you admire him as the main force of the war of resistance against Japan , The next second he'll disarm and surrender . When you are moved by his brotherhood with Stephen Chow , In the twinkling of an eye, he told you not to doubt that I betrayed others . When you finally believe that he is an honest official around the Emperor , He will embezzle easily when cleaning up aobai's property 1000 ten thousand .

Such a funny and unreasonable comedy master , Who would have thought that he was a singer who held seven concerts in the red Hall , I was also surprised that he was a businessman who could survive the company's bankruptcy twice , What's more, I don't understand that the Hong Kong SAR government will issue a bronze Bauhinia Star to reward his patriotism .

Chen Baixiang's singing skills are very strong , Since childhood, he has been invited to perform on the stage frequently because of his good singing , In poor 60 You can get a monthly salary in the s 400 Yuan's work . He 18 At the age of “ Losers ”, When I first participated in the Hong Kong Youth Music Festival , Beat Xu Guanjie's Lotus band as a dark horse to win the championship , Won the audience's vote “ Temple special award ”. However, at the peak of the band , Faced with the problem that Chen Baixiang wanted to do business and Tan Yonglin went to university, he had to be dissolved , But two years later, the band was reorganized and renamed “ Wena band ” Continue to perform , stay 1988 In, he won the golden needle award, the highest honor in Hong Kong Music .

Chen Baixiang, a newcomer to business, has developed very smoothly , Set up a garment factory for the purpose of selling clothes , In just three years, it has developed from a small workshop with six garment machines to a large company with three factories . In the last century 70 In the s, Chen Baixiang was worth more than ten million , And bought five luxury cars to satisfy vanity . The beautiful days haven't lasted long , Chen Baixiang's garment factory closed down because of the problem of capital turnover , Left him millions of pieces in stock . In order to pay off the debt as soon as possible , Chen Baixiang can only go to the Middle East to sell clothes , Also connected to local pirates , Think of pirates as “ The salesman ”, Give pirates a dollar Commission for each piece of clothing , It took Chen Baixiang four years to sell all his clothes .

Chen Baixiang, who failed in business, decided to return to Hong Kong , Participate in Hong Kong Wireless TVB A singing contest , Because the competition results are among the best , So smooth and Hong Kong Wireless TVB signing . In order to make himself easier to be remembered by the audience , So I took a stage name “ ARAT ”, The word lat means great and smart in Guangdong . Last , Chen Baixiang relies on variety show 《 Happy tonight 》 Funny and humorous hosting style in , Soon in the starry Hong Kong TVB Stand firm .

Comes at a time 1997 Before Hong Kong's return in , Chen Baixiang and Qu Ruiqiang see that many Hong Kong people are preparing to emigrate abroad , They wrote songs together 《 I'm so 》, To call on the people of Hong Kong to come back , Avoid brain drain in Hong Kong . Once this song was released, it was welcomed by the people because of its brainwashing and pleasant melody , Later, it set an unprecedented record ― A song held seven concerts in the red Hall

Chen Baixiang's brilliant career rekindled his business dream , He and Jackie Chan 、 Eric Tsang 、 Alan tam 、 Anita Mui and many other stars raised funds 1000 Million Hong Kong dollars to establish oriental charm company , The company mainly develops Chinese pagers , Not only lead the trend of science and technology in that year , Also successfully created up to 25 A market value of HK $100 million . Once again, Chen Baixiang, who became very rich, pondered over stocks , Although stocks are high-yield projects , It is also a high-risk project . Because of a slump 4000 The point of expectation made Chen Baixiang usher in the second bankruptcy of his life .2009 year , Chen Baixiang credulously believed that Wu Zhijian, the former ninth richest man in the mainland, lied , Being cheated again 4 Ten million Hong Kong dollars .

This series of blows made Chen Baixiang not want to work hard from the business community , Only honestly in Hong Kong Wireless TVB Be the host 、 Filming and acting in movies . Although Chen Baixiang has experienced so many lessons of failure , But he has always been optimistic about , Even in an interview with reporters, he said frankly that it was just gambling to lose money . The reason why Chen Baixiang can maintain a good state of mind from bankruptcy , Fall to the bottom of the valley and climb to the peak , This is inseparable from the help of his wife Huang Xingxiu .

When Chen Baixiang went bankrupt twice in business , Huang Xingxiu not only didn't divorce him , Instead, he will accompany Chen Baixiang first “ Bet on horses ”、 Playing mahjong and other recreational activities kill bad mood , Encourage him to cheer up again . Huang Xingxiu itself is the three golden flowers held by Hong Kong Wireless , A combination of appearance and talent , Not only is the performance of literary drama good, but also a rare martial arts master , Chen Baixiang lost all his savings over the years without a word of complaint .

1985 year , Huang Xingxiu was taken to hospital because of cecal perforation during filming , During the physical examination, a tumor was accidentally found in the abdomen , The condition is so complicated that the hospital needs three major operations a month , During this time, Chen Baixiang didn't leave at all , Concentrate on accompanying his wife against the disease . Although Huang Xingxiu finally discharged from the hospital healthily, he left the sequelae of infertility . Chen Baixiang not only did not blame, but also gently told his wife , I prefer the world of two people , In subsequent media interviews, he also declared that he didn't want children .

Chen Baixiang is a man of strong principles , When asked if he made a mistake , Take the initiative to disclose what he said wrong and let Mr. Zhang Guorong suffer unnecessary harm . It turned out that Hong Kong Music “ Tan Zhang fights for hegemony ” Especially intense , In order to help his good friend Tan Yonglin , Criticized Zhang Guorong in public . Later, Zhang Guorong invited him home and asked :“ Lako I have a good relationship with you , Why do you say that ?”“ You are my friend , He is my better friend , I'll do the same for him ”, After learning what Chen Baixiang really thought, Zhang Guorong didn't care , Instead, he gave Chen Baixiang a dozen Koi .

Chen Baixiang and Stephen Chow have a very high degree of tacit understanding in the film , It also offers us many classic pictures . Although Chen Baixiang often praises Stephen Chow as a talented film genius , But in his heart, Stephen Chow is a man who can only work together but can't be friends . It turns out that Chen Baixiang doesn't like Stephen Chow's arrogant character , When they were filming, they were just colleagues , No more communication in my spare time , Even every time two people cooperate , Mr. Hua Qiang invited Chen Baixiang to participate in the performance , It has nothing to do with Stephen Chow .

Chen Baixiang is enthusiastic about public welfare , With Alan Tam Zeng Zhiwei and others set up a public welfare team , Over the years, artists have used their influence to bring help and warmth to people in need in society ,2020 In, the Hong Kong SAR Government awarded Chen Baixiang the bronze Bauhinia Star , Call him a model for the new generation of entertainers , It is a good example of promoting social harmony and communication . In fact, he has done far more for Hong Kong Society , In Hong Kong “ There is a disturbance in the practice ” when , Chen Baixiang took the initiative to stand on the cusp of the storm and speak for the police , It is one of the few public voices to stop violence and chaos 、 Hong Kong artists who bravely support the police . Chen Baixiang's bravery to support the police has also been suppressed and intimidated by the black violence forces , And he himself expressed his attitude in just one sentence .“ People can't lose their position because of fear ”

Have to say , Chen Baixiang's life experience is winding and colorful . Facing the unfairness of life , He always uses humor to resolve . In the face of business bankruptcy again and again , He didn't flinch and was determined to start all over again . Loyalty to his wife , He always keeps it in mind and responds with action . In the face of national danger , He never stopped and spoke bravely . So let's learn from Mr. Chen Baixiang , Be strong to face all kinds of difficulties in life , Say no to things that touch the bottom line , Be loyal to your country 、 Be responsible for your family 、 People who are useful to society .

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