Does Yang Guo really love Xiaolongnv? The answer is cruel. Xiao Longnv was bullied. What do you think of his performance?

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yang guo really love xiaolongnv

The world knows “ The first to see Yang guo miss life ” That's what I'm saying , His handsome , His glib tone , His slightly sinister style , All are the favorite of young girls , So those Amorous Women in the book are always crazy about him , Lu Wushuang and Cheng Ying love him deeply , Guo Fu seems to disagree with him , In fact, I care about him very much , Gongsun lvcalyx is willing to sacrifice himself to get the love flower poison , Little girl Guo Xiang has been looking for him for decades , Never marry , The final winner is Xiao Longnv .

( Yang2 guo4 、 Stills of Little Dragon Girl )

《 The Brave Archer and His Mate 》 The two xias referred to in the title of the book are naturally Yang Guo and Xiao Longnv , The bridge section where Yang Guo and Xiao Longnv meet again after a long absence of 16 years really makes people cry , Their love is too difficult , Can let the hot blood recede , Taste the story between them , Does Yang Guo really love little dragon girl so much ?

One 、 Yang Guo and Xiao Longnv , I don't know where it started

When did Yang Guo fall in love with Xiao Longnv ? Love at first sight ? Obviously not , When I first met Little Dragon Girl , Yang Guo's reaction is more “ Fear ” Instead of “ wonder ”.

The original said :“ Yang Guo raised his head , Opposite her eyes , I just think the girl is beautiful , Don't look hard , The look is cold and indifferent , It's really clean like ice and snow , It's as cold as ice , I don't know whether she is happy or angry , Sorrow is joy , I can't help feeling :‘ It's made of crystal , Still a snowman ? Is it a man or a ghost , Or Shinto fairies .’ Although her voice is tender and gentle , But there seems to be no warmth in the tone , I was so stunned that I didn't dare to answer .

In the tomb of the living dead , Here comes such a bloodless woman , Let her never , Anyone's first reaction is naturally fear .

Although the little dragon girl passed on Yang Guo's martial arts later , They really get along day and night , But the relationship between them has always been just between master and apprentice .

What really changed the relationship between them was the evil act committed by Zhen Zhibing on that moonlit night .

( Zhen Zhibing 、 Stills of Little Dragon Girl )

When Yang Guo was pulled by Ouyang Feng to practice kung fu , Little dragon girl was fixed aside , Suffered the humiliation of Zhen Zhibing , But Xiao Longnv thought it was Yang Guo expressing love for herself , Then her attitude towards Yang Guo changed , And from here on , Yang Guo's attitude towards Xiaolongnv has also changed , He searched hard for the master who abandoned him , Or rather, “ aunt ”, I don't know why , To the story of desperate Valley , The relationship between the two has gradually developed into a couple .

Long and yang are really “ I don't know where it started ”, Yang Guo has the meaning of being coerced by little dragon girl's inexplicable love , That doesn't seem to be true love .

Two 、 Lovers are humiliated , A man's performance

Whether Yang Guo loves Xiaolongnv or not , We have to analyze it in detail .

As Yang Guo's predecessor , Guo Jing and Huang Rong are good examples , Their love is indestructible , In the end , Guo Jing vowed to defend Xiangyang to the death , Huang Rong never leaves , This love is moving .

See if a man really loves a woman , When the woman was in danger , Or being bullied , A man's performance will most directly reflect his attitude .

《 The Legend of The Condor Heroes 》 Zhong huangrong was mistakenly injured by Ouyang Feng , How did Guo Jing react ?

The original said :“ Guo Jing Exclaim :‘ Can't make !’ Hold her up , Jump to the ground , Your feet haven't touched the ground yet …… Guo Jing only felt a great force pushing her to , He hurriedly put Huang Rong beside him , The rush of luck , Use both hands to make one of the eighteen dragon subduing palms ‘ See the dragon in the field ’, Flat push out , At this time Just to protect Huang Rong , I can no longer care about staying in the move , A bang , At that moment, Ouyang Feng's toad skill shocked him back seven or eight steps . He Qi and blood flow in the chest , Very sad , I'm afraid Ouyang Feng's fierce and unmarried palm hurt Huang Rong , Stand firm .”

( Stills of Ouyang Feng )

All Guo Jing thinks about is Huang Rong , No, no distractions at all , I didn't want to revenge Ouyang Feng , I don't care if I can stand it , There is only one idea to protect Huang Rong , This is true love .

But Yang Guo's humiliation to Xiao Longnv is different .

3、 ... and 、 Little dragon girl was bullied , Yang Guo's performance

Little dragon girl is also bullied sometimes , It was Guo Jing who hurt her .

At that time, Xiao Longnv said she would spend time with Yang , Guo Jing, as an elder, naturally did not agree that they had changed from apprentices to lovers , I think this woman is shameless , So the following scene happened .

The original said :“ Guo Jing respected Shifu most in his life , I can only hear my breath rush up , Take a step , He reached out and grabbed it at his chest . Little dragon girl was surprised , Stretch out your hand . Guo Jing's martial arts are far better than her , In a rage , Do your best , A wave of one belt , Throw the little dragon girl out for more than ten feet , Then the palm of your hand , Grabbed Yang Guo's chest “ Tian tu den ”, Raise your left palm , Drink :‘ Little beast , How dare you say such treacherous words ?’ Yang Guo gave him a grasp , Lose all your strength , But there is no fear in my heart , He said in a loud voice :‘ My aunt loves me with all her heart , I did the same to her . Uncle Guo , If you want to kill me, you can do it , My idea will never change .’…… Yang Guo said proudly :‘ I'm right ! I didn't do anything bad ! I didn't hurt anyone ! You will crush me to pieces , I also want to marry my aunt , Never separate from her for life !’”

( Stills of Guo Jing )

How many are emphasized here “ I ”? But Yang Guo didn't care about the little dragon girl who was beaten out more than ten feet away , Not to mention how much Guo Jing hurt her , She is the leader of ancient tomb sect , How can you be humiliated , If her dignity hurts , It's not impossible to be short-sighted .

But Yang Guo didn't foresee that floor , He has been just fighting with Guo Jing , Is this really love ?

Yang Guo's life is full of bad luck , I lost my parents when I was young , I'm a teacher of Quanzhen, but I'm not a lady , Be bullied , For the first half of my life, I lived in “ Revenge for my father ” In the dark mood , Then he broke his arm , After 16 years of separation from Xiao Longnv , He can guard his inner chivalry , It's not easy not to degenerate into a villain , It's because Xiao Longnv's love for him supports him to the end .

It can be said that Yang Guo's love for Xiao Longnv “ Love ” Come a little inexplicable , The following 16 years' appointment is still the performance that Xiao Longnv coerced him with her inexplicable love , It doesn't matter whether Yang Guo's beloved is Guo Fu , But he came with little dragon girl , More because of commitment 、 Responsibility and unwillingness , Not pure love .

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