She played her daughter-in-law and sang "back to her mother's house" in the Spring Festival Gala. Over the years, she has been over 70 this year

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played daughter-in-law daughter law sang

1984 Singing in the Spring Festival Gala 《 Go back home 》 Zhu Mingying, who plays her little daughter-in-law , Guess how old she is now ?71 year ―― Has entered the age of seventy . But think back , She was singing on the stage in a yellow dress “ Wearing a big red coat and a flower ”, As if it was yesterday .

Now people say , It seems that Zhu Mingying's famous song is only 《 Go back home 》, In fact, it's really not like this . At that time, she also attracted attention to those foreign songs , She was definitely the leader in those years .

Besides, even 《 Go back home 》, In the early 1980s, he stood on the stage of CCTV and sang publicly , It also takes a lot of courage . Because this song was originally sung by Teresa Teng , In order to hide people's eyes and ears, we changed the song name and changed the concept, which is called Hebei Folk Song . In fact, there is no such song in Hebei .


Zhu Mingying was originally a dancer , After being delayed by the ten-year Cultural Revolution , She is about to 30 Year old . She realized that dancing alone was bad for her career , Began to study how to sing foreign songs , Singing and dancing on the stage .

Zhu Mingying made up her mind to start learning a foreign language , Find the teacher in private first , Then he went to a refresher class , The level of foreign language is constantly improving , Finally, I can control the singing of foreign songs on the stage . When many domestic singers sing Mandarin pop songs , Zhu Mingying has begun to sing 《 Eech, Oreo 》 Wait for foreign songs , It makes the Chinese people feel refreshing .

Of course , Look at it now , Zhu Mingying's stage image at that time, from appearance to singing , All seem a little “ shanzhai ”, But don't forget that it's almost 40 Years ago , For the Chinese people at that time , Zhu Mingying's singing is to stand at the forefront of the world .

While singing foreign songs, Zhu Mingying did not give up domestic music ,《 Mochou, Mochou 》《 Sea, hometown 》 She has also sung , And equally popular . But Zhu Mingying's most popular song , still 《 Go back home 》.


Zhu Mingying can sing publicly 《 Go back home 》 This song , And it was also on the Spring Festival Gala that attracted the attention of hundreds of millions of people , It's not easy to say . Because this was originally a song sung by Teresa Teng , When Zhu Mingying started singing , Many of Teng Lijun's songs are still criticized as decadent .

Teresa Teng's original song is called 《 The little daughter-in-law went back to her mother's house 》, First included in her 1982 Album of 《 The first taste of loneliness 》 In , Sun Yi wrote a poem , Tony composed . When 1984 When the Spring Festival Gala was ready to use this song , I feel that if I sing directly, there may be problems , But because it is very beautiful and very suitable to appear on this stage .

After many discussions, the directors decided , Change the title of the song to 《 Go back home 》, Then put the subtitles of Hebei Folk Songs , Then Zhu Mingying sang in a yellow skirt , It soon became popular all over the country . This song , It has also become Zhu Mingying's masterpiece .


After becoming famous, Zhu Mingying , Realize that you need further study , He went to the United States to study music , Then he entered the Berkeley Conservatory of music . It's a coincidence , Her son Wang Jue also came to this school to study music many years later , This is also a good story .

Zhu Mingying has been abroad for ten years , After returning home, he began to develop in many aspects , Film and television companies and music companies have also been established . His son Wang Jue later signed a contract with Zhu Mingying's music company , Launched 《 Tomorrow, 》 Album , The title song of the same name was also popular at that time .


It was... At the Spring Festival Gala “ Little daughter-in-law ”, Now Zhu Mingying is over seventy , Become an old man . It's just 2021 At the latest Spring Festival Gala in , Zhu Mingying also acted as a singer and dancer 《 festival 》 In the unit 《 African song and dance 》 Lead singer .

Need to know , As early as 40 Many years ago, Zhu Mingying sang this kind of foreign songs , Known and familiar to the people all over the country .

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