In the cos journey to the west of detective Meng, Yang Zishen restores the shape of a red child. Are you sure he is 28?

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cos journey west detective meng

Hello, little friends , You must be paying attention to some new variety shows recently ?《 Fifty kilometers to Taohuawu 》 and 《 Desired life 》 Are the variety shows that the audience most expect . that , When it comes to the new variety show , Everyone should be concerned about 《 Cute detective 》 I was very impressed , The official announced that the variety show would be broadcast soon , But with several popular stars and some game links designed by program groups , Very attractive and interesting , As soon as it was broadcast, it has been highly expected .

《 Cute detective 》 Our guest lineup is really not lost to other variety shows , Big brother and everyone sun Honglei 、 Na Ying , Selfie partner Yang Zi and song Yaxuan , Funny play Huang Zitao and Yang Di . Each program group will also invite some popular artists to participate in the recording of the program , In previous episodes , All the guests COS Other roles , Yang Zi's purple osmanthus spirit is threatening , Yang Di's mother Rong is really suitable for him .

at present 《 Cute detective 》 It belongs to the type of recording and broadcasting at the same time , In this new issue , All staff COS A new role , You can see in the picture whether Zhou Jieqiong's role image and modeling are very familiar , I just can't remember at once ?《 Journey to the west 》 Whether it's 90 And even 00 In my impression , They are all very classic works . So , The theme of this time is and 《 Journey to the west 》 Hooked up , And sister Zhou Jieqiong should play Baigujing , That's too similar .

When it comes to 《 Journey to the west 》 The role that fits in with the current children is naturally the arrogant red boy . When you see Yang Zi changing into red boy's ancient costume and shape , I can see it all at once , It was really amazing to everyone , In your mind , Red boy is a lively girl , The key is naughty , So that's why the program team asked Yang Zi to come COS Why , After all, the playful and lovely image is very consistent with Yang Zi .

The red boy in the TV play is a child , But Yang Zi's figure is very petite , So it's not hard to play . Yang Zi with a new look is really amazing to everyone , As soon as he came out, he was wearing red clothes and a red tassel gun , This picture is really funny , Have to say , Professional actors are not a problem for any shape and role , This is an adult version “ Red boy ”, Yang Zi is really God restored .

Xiaobian is afraid that Yang Zi will say it accidentally “ Are you the rescuer sent by Monkey Sun ”? Yang Zi's new look is really funny , I don't know after the monkey king came , Can you recognize it . The image of the red child played by Yang Zi is very vivid , Especially in the modeling of the two small pull pull , People can't help touching it with their hands .

An actor is an actor , Whether crape myrtle or red boy , Let Yang Zi play the role. The fitness is really high , After all, she has a high appearance , Even simple clothes can be beautiful . In your mind , What is Yang Zi's beauty ? Yang Zi has been here this year 28 Year old , Yang Zi as a child star , It has always appeared as a female man , So do you know Yang Zi's face value when leaving the camera with light makeup ?

This time when recording the variety show , Yang Zi wears light makeup most of the time , The heavy makeup in peace is still a little obvious , Yang Zi's appearance is not bad at all , The facial features are very delicate and magnetic . The outline of the face is very dazzling , In addition, the makeup needed for this red child modeling is more picky .

The hair style is tied up with two small tugs , It is very consistent with the image of red child , It makes people look girly . Under the action of light makeup , The foundation of Yang Zi's face is not as thick as it was before filming. , The whole feels very refreshing , The collagen on your face is enviable .

Don't say Yang Zi has 28 Year old , If she's the only one 18 All red children can be justified , Okay , The above is the whole content of this article , Do you think Yang Zi's new shape looks good ? Welcome to discuss in the comment area below .

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