A thought-provoking doomsday story. After being bitten by a zombie, where should the female lord go

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thought-provoking thought provoking doomsday story.

In a city with an outbreak of the virus , Most humans have been infected into zombies . The four survivors took advantage of the dark moon , Just from the school laboratory , Got what the professor left them “ Blue reagent ”. In a crowded place like school , Zombies are hidden everywhere , They had to flee to the school library .

Female classmate Xiaomei stands in the front , She's holding a flashlight , Walk carefully , All of a sudden ... Zombies poured out of the passage , The pistol ran out of bullets , He picked up his baseball bat and slashed , Although they have been struggling desperately , Leaning against a gate to block the Zombie , But unfortunately , A female classmate was dragged out by the Zombie . I watched my former classmates get infected like this , The hearts of the three people finally collapsed ...

Finally, I had a chance to breathe , They slumped on the ground , Hostess Xiaomei breathed a sigh of relief , In an instant she looked down and found , I have an extra wound on my arm . It turned out that during the fight just now , She was bitten by a zombie . The two students opposite saw this scene , I can't help but show a frightened expression , Xiaomei has been infected with the virus , She could become a zombie at any time , Even attack the students .

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