Supermodel Hadid appeared on the streets of New York, leading the fashion trend with suspender vest, leggings and sneakers

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supermodel hadid appeared streets new

This year, 24 World famous model Bella · hadid (Bella Hadid) I like riding since I was a child , And hope to participate 2016 The equestrian competition of the Rio Olympic Games , But nature makes people , Bella is 2016 Didn't become an Olympic player in , But became the world-renowned red carpet queen .

It is worth mentioning that , When our country 14 Year old Quan hongchan is 8 month 6 Japan won the Tokyo Olympic Games 10 After the gold medal in meter platform diving , Maybe it's because I was 2012 I gave up sports because of illness in , Bella learned about Quan hongchan's struggle for her sick mother , Specially sent a message to congratulate Quan hongchan , And put a crown on her .

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