TV series webcast popularity list: you are my glory fell to second. Which one are you chasing?

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tv series webcast popularity list

First part 《 Yulouchun 》

Although the show has achieved good webcast popularity , But the quality is still somewhat disappointing . It can only be said , Make service with your heart ( Although not perfect , Mingli Qingqi , But at least more sophisticated than other plays on the market ) Do the plot with your feet . And the man is too dramatic , I don't know whether it's about looks or acting , Don't always slow down the running , It will only be more embarrassing ; Sun Shijie and tao yao , It's disgusting to see ; See now , All aspects are comprehensive , The best one is a woman with Yao dizhu , I hope the people behind me don't collapse . But I don't want to see this story anymore .

Second parts 《 You are my glory 》

I've watched more than ten episodes , Personally, I think this TV play is really super good-looking . I think the filter inside gives people a very advanced feeling , Then add the beauty and acting skills of men and women , It's really the entertainment ceiling . And the play gives people a visual beauty , Just look at it and feel very comfortable , Looks very nice . in addition , The costumes in the play 、 The soundtrack also adds a lot to the show . No matter where there is no lack of some bad remarks , But no matter what play you play, you have to see it yourself , Anyway, I think the play is very good , Recommend people who read reviews , You can try to see , Shares do not lose that kind of !

Third parts 《 I really love you 》

At first I wanted to give four stars , Now give up to two stars , There's something wrong with the people in here , The man-made collapse is terrible , If you finish the first episode and watch the latest episode , Make sure you don't see the same play . Yesterday, I saw Xiao Yan and Mo Ming playing coquettish ( It's spoiled. It should be ) And then half surrounded by comfort , My psychological defense finally collapsed , I thought that no matter how disgusting I was, I would read it again , That scene made me sick . Chen jiaorui, the better , The woman is getting lower and lower , I'm here to see how a psycho can counter attack and cross the better ? Watching a person with a personal problem kill everywhere , The hostess is getting worse and worse , I'm speechless .

Fourth parts 《 North frog and south pole 》

If you watch the play carefully and without prejudice , In fact, it is not difficult to find the advantages of this play , Beautiful picture , The lines are exquisite , The plot , It's also interesting . The cast is strong , The performance is also very hard , It's not perfunctory . and , I Believe , Director Feng's “ Beijing circle ” This is the real situation of Bai Fumei's life , Not out of thin air , The problem is , A lovely literary work , What are the conditions that really impress people ? Obviously , Although the play is not shoddy , However, it is still far away from the fine products created by heart . therefore , The play is like a gorgeous evening dress , It's an ornament , Most people don't like it .

Part five 《 The upstream 》

in general , The campus works before the Ming Dynasty are too delicate , It's too easy to resonate , As long as the adapted TV play is made according to the central idea of the original work , It's hard not to look good , Compared with the idol campus drama on the market , This is the benchmark of campus drama . Of course , There are also some imperfections , For example, some lines that look very harmonious in the novel , But it's embarrassing for actors to perform , There are also performances magnified to add drama , You can think about it again . It's very good to see the performances of several leading actors now , Especially the hostess , Although I didn't know before , But it's amazing in this play . It can only be said , The director is so good at casting !

TV drama webcast popularity list , Which one are you chasing ? It's not easy to code words , Welcome to pay attention to like , Message discussion .

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