A recent photo of Zhang Qiuge, the old opera's bone, was exposed, with white hair, obvious wrinkles in the center of the eyebrows, and elegant temperament in white clothes

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recent photo zhang qiuge old

In recent days, , Zhang Qiuge, the old drama bone, took a recent photo of himself on the personal network platform , Elegant and outstanding , graceful bearing , Like an old artist .

In the photo , Zhang Qiuge's hair is gray , The wrinkles between the eyebrows are obvious , Although wearing a mask , But you can see that you look good , Between the eyebrows and eyes, there is full of heroism .

I saw Zhang Qiuge wearing an ancient style of white clothes , Step on black boots , Stand on the stage and recite like a flood of bells , The temperament is very elegant and calm , The artist's temperament is revealed in his gestures .

Zhang Qiuge's white hair doesn't make him look very old , But it adds a lot of maturity and wisdom to read the flashy world , Calm calm and confidence radiated from him , Quite a bit of an elegant gentleman .

In fact, Zhang Qiuge is not very old , And Ni Ping , He Zhengjun and other stars are good friends , It's very popular in the circle .

Because Zhang Qiuge often plays heroes and heroes in the play , To the audience, he is a heroic man .

In fact, in private, Zhang Qiuge is a very low-key , A gentle man , In addition to filming and formal theatrical performances , He rarely shows up , It's hard to find his public date of birth even on the Internet .

Zhang Qiuge is a very modest , Grounded actors , Earlier he rehearsed with other actors , Sitting on a small bench, singing excitedly , When it's hard for you , Even stand up suddenly , Sing , The artist's free and easy character is incisively and vividly displayed in him .

It is reported that Zhang Qiuge was born in an entertainment family , His ・ My father is naritsong, known as the king of grassland songs , Be influenced by your father , He was in the last century 80 In the s, he applied for the Shanghai Academy of drama , Then he also embarked on the road of art .

Zhang Qiuge, who brought us many excellent works , Still active in the front line of literary and artistic creation , Whether in moral character, artistic ethics or professional level , He is outstanding . A really good actor is like this. He can not only contribute wonderful acting skills to the audience, but also impress others with his character , Look forward to Zhang Qiuge's new works in the future .

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