How much does the program spoil Yang Zi? The invited flying guests were familiar with her and customized an issue for her

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program spoil yang zi invited

Yang Zi's sense of variety is also very strong .

Remember Yang Zi's participation 《 Desired life 》, As soon as he appeared, he greatly improved the ratings of the program , Break directly on the same day 1 了 , Ratings and topics are also soaring in a straight line .

《 Chinese Restaurant 》 after , Yang Zi spends most of her time filming , So there is no permanent variety show , Even when I'm a flying guest .

however , This year, , Yang Zi finally has a resident variety show ――《 Cute detective 》.

When the pilot plate , Seeing her foolishly unable to find the problem “ lovely ”, People think she is not suitable for this variety show . I didn't expect the first issue , She brought us a special surprise .

The first phase , She and sun Honglei are “ Undercover ”.

Sun Honglei successfully confused everyone's attention by using Huang Zitao . And Yang Zi , Is to take the opportunity to win over Song Yaxuan . Song Yaxuan, who didn't know why, easily believed Yang Zi , So the two of them worked together to win the mission .

In the program , She wittily refuted Na Ying , As a result, Naying “ Hate ” Several issues .

In the next program , We gradually found out that , It turns out that Yang Zi is not what we think “ Stupid ”, But very smart and smart .

《 Journey to the west 》 That issue , She and Yang Di 、 Sha Yi cooperation , success “ hide ” own , Won the game .

《 League building 》 That issue , She turned the tide at the critical moment , Successfully turned the situation around , Didn't let those “ Undercover ” To win .

Need to know , That issue was too difficult , Almost smart people have become “ Villain ”, It is not easy for Yang Zi to win .

unfortunately , Yang Zi is busy filming , I missed several issues in the middle , Or she'll be , The program should be very good .

The program group is also very fond of Yang Zi .

Three big guests , Are familiar with Yang Zi .

《 Cute detective 》 Around classics IP make , It's natural to invite these IP Participants .

stay 《 Journey to the west 》 That issue , The program group invited liuxiaoling children , He's back in his day . And Liu Xiaolingtong also cooperated with Yang Zi , Yang Zi also thanked him very much .

stay 《 The white snake 》 That issue , The program team invited Zhao Yazhi , Although Zhao Yazhi doesn't want to play the white lady again , But her presence , Or let everyone's hearts filled with memories of that year .

That issue , Yang Zi also mentioned that she had cooperated with Zhao Yazhi , The two also performed songs together .

stay 《 League building 》 That issue , The program team invited Song Dandan . Yang Ziyi shouted directly when she saw Song Dandan “ Mom ”. The program team also specially asked 《 The home has children 》 The actors recorded a video for Song Dandan , Zhang Yishan made a video call with her directly .

Yang Zi also talked about drinking too much at Dandan's house “ scandal ”.

Among the cast , Yang Zi is a person who knows how to be grateful , therefore , She remembers everyone who helped herself , In the program , Nor will you be stingy with your gratitude .

Whether she was once not popular , She is still very popular now , Have been adhering to such an attitude .

That's why , She'll talk to every flying guest .

Although Yang Zi missed two periods , But the program team still created a special issue for her , That's the latest broadcast 《 Ode to joy 》.

This issue , Yang Zi's hidden identity is “ detective ”, The task of Yang Di and Jiang Xin is to protect her all the way . Game settings , It's everyone who enters Yang Zi's hidden meaning “ Solve the case ”. The final result is to help Yang Zi come out of the death of Qu Xiao gauze .

so to speak , This issue is completely centered on Yang Zilai .

Jiang Xin defends Yang Zishi , Fan shengmei “ One second upper body ”, Qiao Xin stuck with Yang Zi almost all the way , Wang Ziwen appears in the final video , Take Yang Zi back to the shooting 《 Ode to joy 》 A period of .

however , I'd like to add , Although the program , Na Ying plays Andy , But the program team should let Liu Tao show up at the end .《 Ode to joy 》“ Five beauties ” in , Four beauties have appeared , Yang Zi also felt very much about those days , There should be Liu Tao at this time , Even if it's just a short video , It's perfect .

Maybe the program team found Liu Tao , She doesn't want to .

Anyway , Be able to experience in the program group “ Reunion ” Feelings , Only Yang Zi can enjoy it .

from 《 League building 》 Start , The highlight of the program has always been Yang Zi , Look at the notice , The next program , Yang Zi and red hair ,《 The home has children 》 Gao Yalin, who plays her father, also came , Yang Zi revisited 《 The home has children 》 The classic content of .

I don't blame the program group “ Eccentricity ”, After all 《 Cute detective 》 Since the broadcast , Yang Zi has always been at the top of the list of variety artists , And many hot searches of the program , It was also contributed by Yang Zi .

I hope this variety show can become Yang Zi's permanent variety show !

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