The little boy shows another big move《 Where did Super Brain youth group find a bunch of immortal teenagers?

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little boy shows big super

The latest issue of Jiangsu Satellite TV 《 Super Brain youth group 》 Have you seen ? It's really amazing “ These teenagers are really great ”! Although they are young on the field , But start the problem and solve the mystery , Not inferior at all ! In the latest program , Wei Kunlin released 《 Deconstruction and reconstruction 》 topic , The topic revolves around the two difficulties of deconstruction and reconstruction , Test teenagers' spatial thinking, imagination and multidimensional Computing 、 Teamwork , More importantly, in a limited time, two teams compete , It's up to you , It's really not a simple thing !

Contestant Ma Qinwei uses ultra-high speed computing power to get the puzzle area , Lead the small waves to take the lead ! On the other side, Zhou Zhendong c++ A new way of language , Although it takes a long time, after getting the results, I took three pieces of puzzle at one go to catch up ! The competition is becoming white hot ! Facing a large number of small fragments , If you can't think of a better way , The two teams can only keep trying and making mistakes . here , It is no longer just the confrontation between thinking and problem-solving ability , It is also a great test of the players' patience and observation . Wei Kunlin said frankly “ Deconstruction is only the first step , Reconstruction is the real beginning of the challenge ”. The progress of both teams is blocked at the same time , Is the cerebellum melon team better or the xiaolanghua team won the first prize ? The latest issue of 《 Super Brain youth group 》 Here's your answer !

At the Olympic Games just ended , A lot more 00 Even after 05 The figure behind , We can't help sighing “ future , After all, it is the world of teenagers ”! But the same “ Young is strong , Has the strong ”.《 Super Brain youth group 》 It shows us the omnipotent thinking and super mentality of contemporary teenagers , We look forward to bringing more surprises to these immortal teenagers in the future !

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