On the fifth anniversary of their debut, blacklink was highly praised by the media: they have epoch-making significance

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fifth anniversary debut blacklink highly

This month, 8 Japan ,YG Its popular women's group BLACKPINK Officially ushered in their debut 5 Anniversary of the . and YG A series of related activities have also been launched .

First , At the beginning of this month BLACKPINK Also officially joined the virtual community platform Weverse, It is expected to produce great synergy with the bulletproof youth regiment .

unfortunately Weverse The platform does not provide a good experience for domestic fans . This has led to a large number of domestic fans make complaints about it Weverse This platform .

For all that ,BLACKPINK The beginning of 5 Anniversary movie 《BLACKPINK THE MOVIE》 Already around the world 100 Multiple countries show at the same time , And won a lot of praise .

And this month 21 solstice 30 Japan ,YG In the coffee shop in front of the company's new office building , hold BLACKPINK career 5 Pop up display activities related to the anniversary .

that BLACKPINK In the past five years , How to become... Step by step K-POP The top women's groups in the women's market ?

just as BLACKPINK What you have in your name 《 black + Pink 》 equally , Their musical style is also 「1+1」. both YG The main hip-hop music style , And also has “ Bright and lovely ” Mainly pink songs .

And in the debut song 《BOOMBAYAH》 among ,BLACKPINK Also showed a dignified and courageous self . But later 《 whistling 》 in , But it expresses the urgent mood of girls eager to confirm love .

such 1+1 Our strategy is fundamentally different from other combinations .

But at the beginning ,BLACKPINK Also ridiculed by many fans as an older women's group 2NE1 The replacement of .

Because these two combinations are YG Its popular women's group , The number of members is also 4 people , And the type of music is also very similar .

that BLACKPINK How to get rid of this criticism ?

most important of all , They act as YG Whether the women's league has more than 2NE1 The reputation and strength of that year .

Once you can't break the achievements of your predecessors , Well, in the Korean entertainment circle, it can only be praised by many people as “ So and so's junior sister group ” nothing more .

However, subsequent performance proved that ,BLACKPINK Fully proved himself , Also beyond the older women's group 2NE1 Achievements .

More Than This ,BLACKPINK The staffing of the four members , It shows the combination of multiple cultures . They don't lose their personality and background , Complement and combine each other to carry out activities .

First , and 2NE1 Different ,BLACKPINK It is the first team to really open the European and American women's League Market K-POP women's team event . This and BLACKPINK International famous pop singers who have cooperated can also get the answer .

Include Lady Gaga,Selena Gomez,Cardi B And other famous pop singers keep talking with BLACKPINK We cooperated . And it's also for BLACKPINK Accumulated their reputation in the European and American markets .

in addition ,BLACKPINK It's also worthy of the name 「 Source queen 」.

The number of subscribers to their official account has reached 6370 ten thousand people , And ranked second among singers all over the world . At present, the first is ownership 6460 Ten thousand Justin ・ Bieber .

Some analysts think ,BLACKPINK Of MV It fully shows the value of various fashion items and their understanding of the stage . therefore BLACKPINK On social media, it is also called 「 fashion insider 」.

And this also brings fire BLACKPINK Communication with the fan group . Including fan club BLINK Fans, including, often participate in cover stage . And this practice also brings fire BLACKPINK Word of mouth in the fashion circle .

About BLACKPINK The last five years , South Korean media believe that :“ They are an epoch-making women's group . because BLACKPINK Of MV among , Not just their music . And also with YG Yes, fashion 、 Color sense 、 Background and other different comprehensive charm . stay YG Our business is in the most difficult time ,BLACKPINK Fully achieve the role of the company , And once again through their own strength for YG Won word of mouth , It has also won unanimous praise from overseas markets .”

So do you agree with this media evaluation ?

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