Wu Yifan once had strong capital behind him. Should the seven bosses be held responsible for connivance?

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wu yifan strong capital him.

After the police informed Wu Yifan that he was suspected of rape , He fell completely into the dust , The news of his arrest also triggered the entertainment industry “ The big earthquake ”, Many stars and bigwigs who once stood in line with Wu Yifan , For example, Jackie Chan 、 Xu Jinglei 、 Feng xiaogang 、 Guan Hu 、 Zhang guoli 、 Sue mans 、 Six six, etc 7 A big man who once praised Wu Yifan without a bottom line and washed white for Wu Yifan was picked out by netizens , Reduced to everyone shouting “ When a rat runs across the street everybody cries, "kill it!" -- a person hated by everyone ”.

Looking at the praise of many leaders in the circle to Wu Yifan , It's hard to imagine that they praise Wu Yifan himself .

Ordinary fans don't have much contact with Wu Yifan , Therefore, it is easy to be misled by Wu Yifan's perfect human design , And Jackie Chan 、 Feng xiaogang 、 Zhang guoli 、 Guan Hu 、 Xu Jinglei 、 Sue mans 、 Sixth class entertainment tycoon , Ups and downs in the entertainment industry for many years , Also contacted Wu Yifan himself , Why can you “ Open your eyes and tell lies ” Well ?

If you dig deep into the capital behind Wu Yifan , Then all the questions will be answered .

Wu Yifan was able to develop smoothly in the mainland entertainment circle , Both Xu Jinglei 、 Feng xiaogang 、 Zhang guoli 、 The escort of Guan Hu and other big men in the Beijing circle , There is also the support and care of Jackie Chan, a big man in the Hong Kong circle .

so to speak , Wu Yifan not only has superficial cooperation with many stars and bigwigs in the circle , These big guys are behind him “ capital ”.

2014 Beginning of the year , Not yet with South Korea SM Wu Yifan, who was terminated by the company , With the help of his family, he began to register a company in China , Lay the foundation for its future entry into the domestic entertainment industry “ Basics ”.

Soon after registering the company , Wu Yifan and EXO Other members join Jackie Chan's 60 Birthday concert , Under Jackie Chan's matchmaking , Qi Meihe, daughter of rich Qi Jianhong, was able to meet with Wu Yifan backstage EXO Group photo of members .

Qi Jianhong is the actual controller of yaolai group, a listed company , He has a great relationship with Jackie Chan , They are not only good brothers , Or a business partner , Started a company together . The famous yaolai Jackie Chan international cinema was built together with Huayi .

And it's worth noting that , Wu Yifan used to be behind “ Capital chariot ”, It is composed of Jackie Chan's good brother Qi Jianhong as the core .

Participated in Jackie Chan's 60 After the birthday concert , Many people know that Qi Jianhong's daughter is a big fan of Wu Yifan , Wu Yifan's development in the entertainment circle after returning home has been strongly supported by Qi Jianhong and Jackie Chan .

after , stay EXO As the concert is about to open , Wu Yifan suddenly to the Korean company SM The proposed termination of . Wu Yifan, who has just returned from his contract, immediately took part in the film directed by Xu Jinglei 、 The film written by Wang Shuo 《 There's a place only we know 》.

Behind Xu Jinglei, a group of big men in the circle support , The film is also made by “ The soul of the Beijing circle ” Wang Shuo is a screenwriter , Wu Yifan, who has just returned and has no acting skills, can play the leading role , It may be because Wu Yifan had been “ capital ” Attention .

Many people speculate that , With Jackie Chan's help , At this time, Wu Yifan has successfully connected with the big men in the Beijing circle , No wonder he dares to talk to SM The company proposes to terminate the contract .

stay 《 There's a place only we know 》 After the broadcast , Wu Yifan's acting was ridiculed by the crowd , Xu Jinglei is the acting platform for Wu Yifan , Openly tweet “ Black powder ”, Completely abandon the concept of specialization , It is outrageous to whitewash with the low wisdom of fans .

After participating in Xu Jinglei's film and winning the Best Newcomer Award in Beijing University Film Festival , After Wu Yifan, the road of film is very smooth , And cooperate with other big men in the Beijing circle , Took part in director Guan Hu 、 The film supervised by Feng Xiaogang 《 Old gun son 》.

It's not enough to get the resources in the Beijing circle , Wu Yifan also cooperated with the leaders of Hong Kong circle , He took part in Stephen Chow's film 《 Mermaid 》, And praise Wu Yifan “ Very dedicated ” Lin Yun is the heroine of the film .

Then Wu Yifan “ soar up into the sky with one start ”, Supervised by Stephen Chow 、 Tsui Hark's film 《 The west journey fu demon 》 Play the leading actor directly in .

Wu Yifan's acting skills are mediocre , Why do you get Stephen Chow's green eyes ? It is widely speculated that Jackie Chan is behind the scenes .

After Wu Yifan was arrested , It was revealed on the Internet that Wu Yifan's mother begged for domestic 、 Many people abroad , Including Jackie Chan , But in the end, they were politely invited out without seeing anyone .

Many people feel unbelievable when they see this rumor : When did the Wu Yifan family make friends with Jackie Chan to this point ?

Actually , Jackie Chan really appreciates Wu Yifan , He was once and indeed one of the capital behind Wu Yifan .

As the big brother of Hong Kong circle , Jackie Chan has a very high position in the entertainment industry , People are also very extensive , Not only have friends with big coffee in Hong Kong circle , With Feng Xiaogang, a big man in the Beijing circle 、 Zhang guoli 、 Wang Shuo and others are also closely related , And they have deep interests involved .

As mentioned earlier, Jackie Chan's good brother Qi Jianhong , After Qi Jianhong established yaolai Jackie Chan international cinema and successfully mastered the film arrangement rights of many domestic cinemas , He also founded yaolai film and television , With Jackie Chan's support, he has successfully entered the Chinese film and television industry “ The core ”.

And Feng Xiaogang 、 Zhang guoli 、 Li bingbing 、 Huang Xiaoming et al “ Huayi shareholders ” After a series of capital movements , Both directly or indirectly hold the shares of yaolai film and television's parent company, cultural investment holding company , Became an important shareholder .

It can be said that through yaolai film and television , Qi Jianhong 、 Jackie Chan 、 Feng xiaogang 、 Zhang Guoli and others successfully tied up in a car “ Capital chariot ” On .

And with Jackie Chan's help , Wu Yifan not only successfully got the resources of Beijing circle and Hong Kong circle , Later, he was praised by Qi Jianhong, the capital boss .

2016 year , Small G Na stood up and blasted Wu Yifan , There was a lot of noise , Even almost let Wu Yifan overturn , However, under Jackie Chan's shelter and capital operation , Wu Yifan was able to live safely .

Including Jackie Chan 、 Feng xiaogang 、 Guan Hu 、 Zhang Guoli and other big men in the circle stood in line one after another, Wu Yifan , Publicly support him .

And small G The Na incident has just erupted for two days , Yaolai film and television, founded by Qi Jianhong, announced that it had reached in-depth cooperation with Wu Yifan .

in other words , Successfully spent a little under the protection of the big man G Wu Yifan of Na storm , In fact, it has been with the people behind the big guys “ Capital chariot ” Tied very tightly . At this time, their relationship can be regarded as “ Prosperity and prosperity , Suffer all losses ”, It's no wonder these entertainment bosses can open their eyes and lie and praise Wu Yifan .

At that time, yaolai film and television only had Jackie Chan and Wu Yifan , There is no competition among artists of the same type in the company , You can imagine how much resources the company has given to Wu Yifan .

There are capital bosses behind , Even if Wu Yifan has no acting skills , He can also get the top resources that many ordinary artists dream of in just two years , It also includes many top fashion resources .

As we all know, Wu Yifan was little G When she hit the hammer , Su Mang, a fashion heavyweight who once cooperated with Wu Yifan, once stood up and publicly supported Wu Yifan .

After Wu Yifan participated in the film directed by Xu Jinglei , At the bazaar Charity Night, I met Su Mang, who was the fashion editor at that time . Led by Su mang , Wu Yifan has obtained an important fashion resource ―― shooting 《 Harper's Bazaar 》 The character cover .

After Wu Yifan showed his strong flow liquidity to capital , Then completely stand firm at the top of the entertainment circle , Become the darling of capital , There is also su mang matchmaking , Various big brand advertising endorsements and fashion magazines handed Wu Yifan the olive branch of cooperation , Wu Yifan also made a lot of money , Became a star of the company “ A cash cow ”.

But the good times did not last , from 2018 Year begins , The capital power behind Wu Yifan began to disintegrate , Qi Jianhong, the capital boss behind him, suffered heavy losses one after another , The yaolai group founded by it is in 2019 He was sent to bankruptcy in , From then on, the glory is no longer .

Qi Jianhong is no longer brilliant , That was founded with him as the core “ Capital chariot ” Nature will fall apart . Without strong capital escort , Wu Yifan is in 2021 After being hammered by Meizhu in , Then completely “ Rollover ” 了 .

Because Wu Yifan “ Rollover ”, Those stars and bigwigs who once supported and connived at Wu Yifan have become the object of criticism .8 month 7 Japan , The entertainment circle “ Famous mouth ” Song Zude even issued a document calling for the rectification of these bigwigs and stars .

Song Zude bombarded the stars in his article , It is said that because of stars, people live tired , And it will be popular to compare 、 People worship money 、 Teenagers and children are addicted to games and children are ignorant 、 The reasons such as nothing are attributed to the star's misleading .

After that, song Zude called on the state to renovate the entertainment industry , He said that entertainment artists can no longer harm teenagers , He even mentioned Feng Xiaogang and Jackie Chan, who once supported Wu Yifan , Song Zude said that Jackie Chan and Feng Xiaogang should be attacked first to renovate the entertainment industry .

Song Zude is a very controversial figure , Because I love to spread gossip about stars , Song Zude was ridiculed by netizens as “ Song Dazui ”. People who like song Zude think he is righteous , Dare to expose the ugly phenomena in the entertainment industry . People who don't like him think he likes hype 、 Rub the star heat , The mouth is not clean .

Although song Zude often spread all kinds of news about entertainment stars “ The black material ”, But because of the lack of “ Stone hammer ”, So most netizens don't believe him .

So song Zude has always been in the hearts of netizens “ credibility ” It's very bad . However, it's a pity that the stars in the entertainment industry in the past two years “ Rollover ”、“ collapse ” There are too many events , Such as Luo Zhixiang cheating 、 Zheng Shuang overseas surrogate 、 Hua Chenyu and Zhang Bichen's unmarried children and other materials have refreshed the three views of netizens , In addition, Wu Yifan was arrested on suspicion of rape and implicated many stars and big men , The credibility of the stars fell to the bottom at this time .

Song Zude had also done one thing to let netizens “ Fast popularity ” Things about , He reported it in his real name “ Consumption of a dead wife ” Lin Shengbin is suspected of tax evasion , Won the appreciation of many netizens .

Therefore, song Zude called for the rectification of the entertainment industry , Also got the support of many netizens .

Perhaps song Zude's negative perception of stars has affected his judgment to a certain extent , But anyway , He called for the rectification of the entertainment industry, which is worth affirming .

After all, Wu Yifan is like this “ Immoral artists ” Can stand for many years with the support of the capital bosses behind them , I don't know what other stars have to fear “ Immoral and illegal ” Behavior ?

Last , I believe the police investigation will give you an explanation , Even if netizens are very dissatisfied , Also hope not to be easily brought to rhythm “ rumor ”.

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