Ren Zhengfei's daughter becomes introverted. Luo Hong's son hides from the camera. Why is the rich second generation nervous about shooting variety shows?

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ren zhengfei daughter introverted. introverted

Following “ Huawei Princess ” A little silly, after hot search , Luo Hao, President of a chain cake shop , stay 《 The love of daughters 4》 What is... Is shown again in “ Foolish ”.

Luo Hao seems to have been sealed , Self mockery “ It's cracked ”“ Can't move ”. Even my girlfriend Zhou Yangqing's simple question , He chose silence as if he hadn't heard .

There is something lovely about his cramped , But then they went to the bathroom to avoid the camera , Has made the audience sympathize with his uneasiness .

I wonder , These rich people who have seen the world , Afraid of being on TV, too

stay 《 Chinese Restaurant 》 and 《 daughter 4》 It's all mentioned in “ social phobia ” The word" !

Yao Anna's first variety show can't take the initiative to socialize , All kinds of eyes avoid , The two programs are less talkative 、 Introvert .

The key is that she studies abroad , Graduated from a famous school , Practice ballet and perform .20 Attend the world's limited number of celebrities dance at the age of , Dance with the prince of Belgium , In the debut documentary 《 Exceptional Princess 》 Talk freely in 、 Very assertive . Why does the character suddenly have 180 Degree transformation ?

Luo Hao is the same , As a manager of a large company , Entrepreneurs who often talk and socialize on various occasions , I'm afraid of the camera .

Zhou Yangqing, in order to make things better , Said she had read a statement , Many successful people don't like socializing in private . Luo Hao strongly opposes : I'm not a social terrorist .

Guests at the venue repeatedly stressed that Luo Hao is usually calm 、 moderate 、 A free man . Unfortunately, his charm was not captured by the camera , Zhang Shaogang said with a smile , Luo Hao is 《 Daughter's love 》 The male guests who are most afraid of the camera in Siji .

So many plain people have appeared in this love and marriage reality show , Why is Luo Hao the most nervous .

Far do not say , It's smaller than Zhang Yuqi 8 My boyfriend, age .

Li Bingxi and Luo Hao are the same , I didn't know where the camera was when I started recording . But he can be himself very freely , Whether it's coquettish 、 The conversation 、 Hand in hand 、 Intimacy and a series of interactions , adept .

Even if Li Bingxi has performance experience , But he's not on tour C position , Without an instrument is like without “ weapons ”, He has every reason to be nervous . Or Meng Ziyi's mother , An ordinary middle-aged woman , pat 《 daughter 4》 I was calm and had a sense of humor .

Harvard scholar Yao Anna , Big factory boss Luo Hao , They have more experience than many people , But when shooting variety shows, I'm more nervous than most . This strong contrast , It's puzzling .

We analyze it from three aspects , Why are the two rich second generation so nervous .

Lack of security

《 daughter 4》 The guests in the shed put forward this concept , Zhou Yangqing's mansion was originally a scene familiar to Luo Hao , But because too many cameras become strange .

After Luo Hao entered the house , Be very alert to the camera , Especially hear the sound of camera rotation , There's a feeling of being watched . Except for maladjustment , And insecurity .

Yao Anna and Luo Hao are children of rich families , Be on the safe side , Families should protect and manage them in place . Whether it's life , Or working relationship , The comfort zone formed over the years makes it difficult for them to adapt to the new environment .

After all, when the princess and the president appeared , Except for a group of camera brothers , The usual assistant can't be close . The feeling of isolation and helplessness is not difficult to understand , It is also easier to awaken a sense of self-protection .

Representing the corporate image

Wang Sicong, who stepped into the entertainment industry with half a foot , Even if you have your own career , Netizens can't help mentioning his rich father . Luo Hao and Yao Anna naturally can't escape the inherent label , Besides, Luo Hao is still the current manager .

Even if Yao Anna has no direct relationship with Huawei , But what she showed was Ren Zhengfei's tutor . How about Yao Anna's quality , Indirectly and vaguely affect the brand image .

Luo Hao is more serious than Yao Anna , If he doesn't behave well or has a problem , The emotions of netizens may be directly reflected in the sales volume and the reputation of the enterprise . And as a high-level , How should he face his employees .

So Luo Hao's “ abnormal ”, It's a comprehensive concern . And he and Zhou Yangqing haven't been dating for a long time , Although very active , Determination is enough , But the sweetness of the running in period of love , Should not be able to withstand the pressure of his background .

Getting better is good “ Script ”

Anna Yao is 《 Chinese Restaurant 》 My sense of existence is not high , Although not good at cooking , Occasionally, Zhou also needs to be a translator , But she is not delicate . Simple and honest , Social fear , Although it does not meet everyone's expectations of elite Bai Fumei , But not annoying .

As the relationship between guests becomes closer and closer , There should be more and more tacit understanding , Will reduce the embarrassment of politeness and silence .

《 Daughter's love 4》 Guests , Zhou Yangqing's partner and agent has repeatedly stressed the advantages of Luo Hao , Zhang Shaogang also said that Luo Hao is really cute .

To praise Luo Hao , By the way, I washed the white for Lao Fan's honesty next door . It can be seen that everyone has very high fault tolerance and expectations for the princess and the President , Speak carefully .

Like Yao Anna praised by the chef , There are many good words , Is a good psychological hint . It also paves the way for getting better in the future , According to the reality show routine , This is good “ Script ”.

And elite “ Dimension reduction ” It looks more grounded , But sympathetic “ shortcoming ” Easier to accept , Reduce the sense of distance .

No matter what netizens think of them , Whether it has an impact on your career , There are topics , The program groups are big winners .

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