Li Qin lost the game but won the pattern. She is really suitable for extreme challenge

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li qin lost game won

Li Qin's development in the past two years is quite good .

In particular 《 Celebrate more than 》 After the fire , Li Qin welcomed a lot of good resources .

Whether it's 《 Running man 》 still 《 A pick 》, Can see her figure .

I believe you still remember that Li Qin and Sun Yue attended 《 Challenge the limit 》 Let's talk about the show !

You know, since the resident guests changed their blood , The heat is always tepid .

For the audience , There is always a feeling of scratching the surface , It's not fun to see , It's a pity to abandon the tasteless food .

however , Because of Li Qin and Sun Yue , Unexpectedly, the audience sent two words to that program ―― Fiefdom .

Li Qin is not only beautiful , But lovely love , And I have a very high IQ .

Now? 《 Challenge the limit 》 Although the overall IQ of the Chinese guests is not as good as that of the previous men .

But Dunlan is still very smart .

Every program as long as Dunlan wants to have fun , Then he can do one dozen six .

But it's such a clever Dunlan , At that time, the program was played around by Li Qin , It can be seen how smart Li Qin is .

Yes, Li Qin is here 《 Challenge the limit 》 After your performance , I believe many viewers want to see her again soon !

At the end of the positive 《 Extreme challenge treasure line 》 in , As an old friend of the program, Li Qin came to the program again .

The guest of flight with Li Qin this time is Chen Zhipeng .

After watching the two programs, you will find , The two really formed a sharp contrast .

Li Qin is really smart , And very pleasing .

《 Challenge the limit 》 Guests are rarely invited , Even please , Every season is a fixed number of people .

For example, Yang Chaoyue, who is almost permanent , And Yu Shuxin .

Tell the truth , Among these flying guests , Li Qin's flow is not the largest , But it's definitely the most appropriate .

In the latest program , The flying guests are still Li Qin and Chen Zhipeng .

Li Qin is still so cute , Chen Zhipeng still has no sense of existence .

The viewers who watched the last program know , Li Qin and Qin Hao are a little “ Hatred ” Of .

therefore , In this program , You two are really aiming at each other , All want to make each other lose .

The final result of this period is that Li Qin and Qin Hao's team lost .

however , From the very beginning, Li Qin entered the Qin Hao team and wanted to let Qin Hao lose .

So from this point of view , Li Qin actually won .

Li Qin lost the game but won , She really fits 《 Challenge the limit 》 了 , Come on !

Li Qin said this at the end of the game “ Even if I end up being punished , But is winning or losing that important ? It's not that important !

In this episode of the program , Qin Hao has been talking about the pattern .

You can tell from Li Qin's words , She is the real pattern .

First of all , Winning or losing really doesn't matter .

about 《 Challenge the limit 》 Come on ,“ men ” It's gone , Now only “ Extreme men ”.

since “ Extreme men ” The day of composition begins , The program team has repeatedly stressed that the group soul “ Fight together and win ”.

I'm sure you've seen , At the end of many programs, we have to talk about the soul .

Deng Lun and Wang Xun are relatively smart in the program , When they win in the end, they will choose to let their brothers win together .

As Li Qin said “ Is winning or losing that important ?”

This sentence doesn't just apply to 《 Challenge the limit 》, The same applies to all variety shows .

All kinds of variety shows now have competitions , To put it bluntly, winning or losing doesn't matter .

For funny variety shows , Once the guest cares too much about winning or losing, it will make people uncomfortable .

Since Huang Minghao joined 《 Challenge the limit 》 after , Always showing a strong desire to win or lose .

It's because he cares too much about winning or losing , So that his brothers don't trust him .

Remember the penultimate issue in the positive ?

Dunlon got a dozen six tasks , But at that time, Lei Jiayin and Wang Xun didn't believe Huang Minghao .

Huang Minghao joined in the seventh season , And I missed several issues .

In theory , We don't spend too much time playing games together , His brothers don't know him very well .

But even the most honest Lei Jiayin doesn't believe him , It can be seen how unpopular his desire to win or lose .

《 Challenge the limit 》 You need to use your brain , If you want to win, you have to “ Calculate ”.

Huang Minghao is really smart , But joining too late and calculating together is doomed to be difficult to integrate into the extreme men's team .

Is winning or losing really that important ?

Of course not , After all, it's just a variety show , The point is to bring joy to the audience .

In such a variety show , Sometimes being too smart is not a good thing .

Compared with a few smart people , On the contrary, the audience prefer Xiao Yueyue who doesn't even understand the rules 、 Wang Yanlin 、 Horolo 、 Zhang Binbin .

Because each of them is silly and cute in the program .

Don't say it's a funny variety show , This is not the case for competition variety shows ?

《 The voice of China 》、《 Create a camp 》、《 Happy comedian 》 Such variety shows rely on strength .

Compared with funny variety shows , This is a serious competitive reality show .

But then again , Even such a reality show , Is winning or losing really that important ?

As the saying goes “ Many things grow not in the garden , No tree without a bush ”.

All kinds of competition reality shows these years , Many people try their best to win the championship .

But are these champions doing well now ?

The champion is not famous , People who don't rank get mixed up , There are countless examples of this .

Winning or losing is really not that important , Just seize every opportunity and try your best to show yourself , isn't it? ?

second , The most important thing to make the program look good .

No matter what kind of variety show , It doesn't matter whether you win or lose .

For guests , Making the program good is the top priority .

Resident or , Flying or not , As long as it makes the program look good , Even the highest notification fee is worth .

To be fair , Are these programs from Li Qin good ?

The answer is obvious .

Li Qin is very clever , Her IQ is no less than Qin Hao , But she only “ in the light of ” Qin Hao alone .

Li Qin's practice is not only pleasing , And it can make the program full of highlights .

Li Qin and Huang Minghao have the same purpose in this issue , They all want Qin Hao to lose .

But because Li Qin just wants Qin Hao to lose alone , So the other guests don't hate her , The audience also liked it very much .

Huang Minghao is ambitious , He doesn't just want Qin Hao to lose , But want the whole team to lose , He won alone .

This is a little embarrassing , After all, Li Qin and Chen Zhipeng are both flying guests , He's so “ bully ” There is something wrong with people .

In this regard, it shows the pattern of Li Qin again .

Although Li Qin has been here before 《 Challenge the limit 》 了 , But he was right. 《 Treasure bank 》 Our guests are still not very familiar .

Among these people , The best relationship with Li Qin , Naturally, it's Qin Hao and Wang Yanlin .

Between the two , Qin Hao is smarter .

therefore , Li Qin chose the whole journey “ in the light of ” Qin Hao , There is no problem with this idea .

Except Qin Hao , Li Qin, whether it's “ in the light of ” Everyone is a little “ bully ” How people feel , Because IQ doesn't match .

Besides Qin Hao and Wang Yanlin , she “ in the light of ” Everyone will be embarrassed , Because it's really not very familiar .

What do you mean “ Big pattern ” Well ?

For the guests of a variety show , Don't care about winning or losing , I only care if the program is good or not , Make everyone comfortable , No one will be embarrassed , This is called “ Big pattern ”.

Qin Hao has been talking about “ pattern ”, But he said that Wang Yanlin and Huang Minghao were “ The mud won't hold the wall ” When , It's doomed that he is small .

Huang Minghao as a permanent guest , The desire to win or lose is too strong , Completely ignore the feelings of flying guests , This pattern is not too big .

Throughout these two episodes, you will find , Although Li Qin is just a flying guest , But her pattern is the biggest .

Li Qin's pattern is very suitable for 《 Challenge the limit 》 This variety show .

Every time you have Li Qin , The reputation and ratings of the program will counter attack .

I really hope the program team can consider , Invite Li Qin to stay ! Maybe the show will return to its peak again because of her , What do you think ?

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