Luo Zhixiang shouted to come back and return to his original position! Netizen: who is worse than Wu Yifan?

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luo zhixiang shouted come return

For more than a year , The melons in the entertainment industry are wave after wave , A melon is bigger than a melon .

Abandoned children from Zheng Shuang 、 To Luo Zhixiang's group movement 、 Then Wu Yifan is suspected of rape , To be detained by torture .

It can be said that this group of people , Really put the bottom of the entertainment industry , Lift a bottom to the sky .

Especially the Wu Yifan incident , From Du Meizhu :

“ This is a showdown ” Start .

It is doomed that this entertainment event is destined to be recorded in the history of entertainment , No kidding , There has never been a top stream , At the height of the sun , Commit such a big crime , And there may be a vote of people taken out by the police .

But now there is a particularly interesting thing , Then Wu Yifan went in . The entertainment circle is now related to Wu Yifan , Especially those who may have participated in the Wu Yifan incident , I'm so nervous now .

But another group of people in the entertainment industry , For example, Zheng Shuang , For example, Luo Zhixiang , Before this batch, because of various problems , People forced to quit the entertainment industry , Now it's crazy to brush the screen again .

For example, Zheng Shuang , Now people are still in the United States .

Zhang Heng will release some strong news about Zheng Shuang in the United States , But Zheng Shuang is already crazy about brushing his face .

For example, when CCTV commented on the Wu Yifan incident , Zheng Shuang came out to reflect , Also said to bring you better works .

In these days , Ali male employees sexually assaulted female subordinates , Zheng Shuang is not idle , Come out again :

Looks like it's eating melons , In fact, this is Zheng Shuang brushing his face , Washing white .

With Zheng Shuang's idea , That's what I did and Wu Yifan , Compared with ALI employees , It's nothing .

Apart from , Zheng Shuang has this idea , Luo Zhixiang also has this idea .

Although Luo Zhixiang can't appear in the major mainstream media now , Even 《 Challenge the limit 》 A new variety show has been opened by the original group of people 《 Avatar 》 Didn't even look for him .

But Luo Zhixiang's little life is actually very moist .

Luo Zhixiang is still very active in the major short videos , It's all right. Luo Zhixiang also interacts with his loyal fans on the Internet .

In particular, Luo Zhixiang mentioned such an idea many times , That's it :

He will come back , And it will return to its original position .

Why Zheng Shuang and Luo Zhixiang , Now they are trying to come back , Why do Zheng Shuang and Luo Zhixiang start to brush their faces crazily now ?

It's not the melon eaters who forget what they did , But this group of people began to have no bottom line .

After all, compared with what Wu Yifan did , Zheng shuangzhen thinks he still has a chance to rescue , And Wu Yifan “ Suspected of rape ” Compare to , Luo Zhixiang really feels like he “ Group movement ”, At best, it's a moral issue .

According to the simple values of Zheng Shuang and Luo Zhixiang , Their logic really makes sense .

But this is precisely the most terrible thing about these evil stars , They never reflect on what they have done wrong , But just compare yourself with what others have done wrong .

Once you see someone who does more than they do , They think they are moral , They are innocent .

It is this wrong value , It's them “ Be a star ”, The reason for going astray .

Things in the world , Do wrong , Just did something wrong , It's not your fault, little , He did a big mistake , You're right .

therefore , Personally, I hate it , These stars come out again .

Luo Zhixiang, too 、 Zheng Shuang , They should all pay for their mistakes .

And the entertainment industry XD My artists are also , Now that you have chosen XD, Don't try to come back .

What the entertainment industry needs is positive energy , The entertainment industry needs high-quality idols , Not a bunch of packaged stars , Not a bunch of bad stars .

Do you support the comeback of Zheng Shuang and Luo Zhixiang ? Why? ?

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