Luo Zhixiang replied to his fans late at night. Zheng Shuang sent a strange text in the early morning. Are they going to make a comeback?

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luo zhixiang replied fans late

Wu Yifan was banned , It can be said that the entertainment industry has appeared for so many years , The most serious time entertainment stars were banned !

Why is it the most serious ? Because other stars were blocked , It is nothing more than the termination of the contract by the brand party , Collapse of people , There is no commercial performance , And Wu Yifan ? In addition to these basic operations , The whole network account is blocked , Even his name in film and television plays has been changed to code !

Why do you suddenly mention Wu Yifan ? Because not long ago , The other two banned artists spoke !

The first is Luo Zhixiang , His ban was a mess in his private life , time management “ Great ”

Luo Zhixiang , It was originally a lot of artists who liked after 80 and 90 , Sing a song 、 acting 、 Recording variety shows , Are very good at !

Especially recording variety shows ,《 Challenge the limit 》 period , Although there are Huang Bo around 、 Huang Lei 、 People like Zhang Yixing , Luo Zhixiang's light is still unstoppable , It's very funny !

Last night, , Luo Zhixiang replied to the fans , Say you won't disappear , Give me some time , Will return to its original position !

What about Luo Zhixiang's reply ? The attitude of netizens is as follows :

You can see that , Netizens don't want him back at all , And return to your original position , After all , An artist should have never learned art , Learn to be a man first , People can't do well , The higher the artistic achievement , The bigger you deserve !

The second is Zheng Shuang , She was banned because of surrogacy 、 Moral decay and tax evasion

Zheng Shuang changed from a top stream to a national joke , I really should have said that “ Do not live in sin ”, A good day is nothing but , Have to toss and have children , So I put myself in !

Just in the early hours of this morning , Zheng Shuang wrote that :

Man, give me a way to live , I'm not a devil , I'm the little monster you love !

Guys here , Is it the netizen of blackened Zheng Shuang , Or my ex boyfriend Zhang Heng , We don't know !

Since the outbreak of the Zheng Shuang incident , She and Zhang Heng N This conversation basically ended in failure , The forefoot sent a document to clarify , The back foot was hammered by Zhang Hengtong !

So the question came , Zheng Shuang and Luo Zhixiang are both inferior artists , The relevant media have also voiced many times , Forbid them to show up again and speak , Why can they continue to tweet ? You know, little buddy , Leave a comment in the comments section , Interact with Xiaobian !

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