"Cute detective" has just been broadcast. Another detective variety official announced that the guest lineup came from "Ming detective"

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cute detective broadcast. broadcast detective

When it comes to detective variety shows, what variety shows do you think of , I believe that many young friends think of mango platform for the first time 《 Star detective 》《 Escape from the secret chamber 》, I have to say that mango station is really powerful in this regard , The quality of these two variety shows is very high , No wonder everyone likes it so much .

And see this variety show so popular , Other platforms must have been jealous , So this year, two more detective variety shows came together .

《 Cute detective 》 There are a lot of big guys

One of them is just aired soon to do 《 Cute detective 》, The lineup of this variety show is really luxurious , Na Ying 、 Andy 、 Song Yaxuan 、 Huang Zitao and other popular stars actually attended , Now 《 Cute detective 》 It's been broadcast two times , From the current effect ,《 Cute detective 》 The funny effect is still very good , But the plot related to the investigation is not much , There are still a lot of hard injuries .

And I didn't expect that 《 Cute exploration 》 Just broadcast , Another detective variety officer announced , This variety show is 《 Strange script shark 》, I believe there have been many small partners paying attention to it before !

《 Strange script shark 》 It's a social game experience reality show . The program is composed of four script killing super players “ Shark fleet ”, In each issue, team members initiate team invitation to their real circle of friends , Different topics 、 Offline scripts with different playing methods kill parties .

Another detective variety officer announced

I believe most young people are killed by playing scripts , Although not necessarily a horror theme , But the essence of script killing is also detective and decryption .

It's just 6 month 3 On this day 《 Strange script shark 》 The official has officially announced all the fixed guest lineups , And also released a lot of posters , I have to say this lineup is really good , And most of them are from 《 Star detective 》 Over here .

The first is tfboys Wang Yuan , Wang Yuan is definitely 《 Strange script shark 》 The traffic in plays a role , His popularity naturally goes without saying , But Wang Yuan, in addition to traffic , His sense of variety is also good , He was in before 《 Trump to trump 》 There is a good performance in , And he's been to 《 Star detective 》 Of , The issues he went to , Indeed, they all performed very well .

The other male guest is Wei daxun , I believe you will come to the spirit when you see Wei daxun , Although there are not many representative works of Wei daxun's TV dramas , But his sense of variety is really great , He's been to mango station many times 《 Star detective 》, But also left a lot of classic famous scenes , I have to say that Wei daxun is really “ A man favored by the God of variety ” ah !

And Wei daxun is not just funny , In fact, his decryption is also very strong , So it's really right to invite Wei daxun to this program , After all, Wei daxun has a lot of experience in this field !

Most of the guests have been to 《 Star detective 》

The only female guest is Jin Jing , Although Jin Jing is not a traffic actress , And the appearance is not high , But her popularity is very good ! She relies entirely on her personal charm and talent . She was on the latest season before 《 Star detective 》 , At that time, she performed very well as a newcomer in the program , And with Jin Jing's pistachio character , Wherever you go , Can make everyone laugh !

And the last guest is Qin Hao , He's the only one who hasn't been to 《 Star detective 》 Of , In the past two years, he has been because 《 A secret corner 》 The play has gained a lot of good resources , He has been on many variety shows before , But it's the first time the script killed a variety show , Of course, it's also a good opportunity for him , If Qin Hao has a good performance , Then his popularity will definitely be much better !

It's not hard to see. 《 Strange script shark 》 When choosing guests, I did it with my heart , Many members are experienced , In fact, such variety shows don't need too high traffic , As long as the plot is in place , The audience will buy , I hope you won't be disappointed !

I don't know what you think of this ? Welcome to express your opinion in the comments , Discuss with Xiao Bian !

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