"Treasure line" Qin Hao has no choice but to be betrayed by Li Qin and Huang Minghao one after another, losing in the pattern

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treasure line qin hao choice

Before you know it , Gathered Qin Hao 、 Reality shows by stars such as Huang Minghao and Wang Xun 《 Extreme challenge treasure line 》 The second season has been broadcast more than half , Ji Yang Chaoyue 、 Empress Yu Shuxin , The program ushered in the third female flying guest —— Li Qin .

as everyone knows , Li Qin once joined 《 Challenge the limit 7》, Not only has a strong sense of variety , IQ is also very high , Can fool Deng Lun around , Its IQ is self-evident . This time, Li Qin was invited to join again 《 Treasure bank 》, Although failed to communicate with Wang Xun 、 Dunlan is up and down again , But it's against Qin Hao again , Fight with Qin Hao on your own , Very good performance .

Need to know , After Wang Xun's absence , Qin Hao can be said to be alone , Even Huang Minghao is not his opponent , Not to mention “ Simple minded ” Zhang Binbin 、 Horolo 、 Wang Yanlin . But as the saying goes “ Good and evil are rewarded in the end ”, Qin Hao is good at insight into people's hearts , In order to win, all kinds of platoons are arranged to calculate others , But this time the car finally overturned .

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