Zhao Liying's official announcement of her August trip still hasn't entered the group filming plan. Is she still fighting for custody?

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zhao liying official announcement august

In recent days, , Zhao Liying's personal studio released Zhao Liying 8 Work schedule for the month , Apart from a variety of theme activities and advertising film shooting 、 Other than variety show video recording , Still not ready for filming , This caused the suspicion of many netizens , Are you still preparing for the custody of your son ?

Everybody knows , Since Zhao Liying divorced Feng Shaofeng , Most are busy working , But I haven't been ready to join the group . Do you remember the last time you joined the group was 3 Shooting in January 《 Ideals shine in China 》 when , If you calculate it like this , Zhao Liying has not filmed for nearly half a year , This inevitably worries fans .

As an artist , If you don't shoot for a long time , It always causes objections on the Internet , Is there no film director looking for ? Whether there are any problems in the human body ? Are you old ? A series of problems will follow .

Plus Zhao Liying 2021 Just divorced in , Netizens suspect that a large number of Zhao Liying are fighting for the custody of her son , Although the official website said the two were raised together , But it can be seen that Zhao Liying wants to keep her son beside her , Every time I mentioned my son, I was at a loss .

The actual objective facts are unknown to everyone . But after the divorce, Zhao Liying is not only in good condition, but also fashionable and flu is strong , Every modeling design can always show the perfection of her body . Willow waist fiber - fine , There is no redundancy after giving birth to the baby . meat , I wonder how she promised ?

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