I really love you: the human design collapses, the plot moves towards confusion, and what about the agreed female freedom?

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really love human design collapses

For people who often embarrass themselves , What would you do ?

It's just a positive wave , Or choose to avoid the edge ?

Anyway, ah Wu will definitely choose to fight back , We don't do bad things , But that doesn't mean we're easy to bully . So every time I see Xiao Yan enduring Chen jiaorui , Ah Wang is really angry heartache .

These days , Who is not a grumpy ? Why do you have to endure such a scheming woman , No wonder now more and more netizens make complaints about the drama , Isn't it .


Originally, Xiao Yan, played by Liu Tao, was well-designed , Not only three views , He is also a good boss who is duplicative . While doing a ferocious look , But the other side is really concerned about their subordinates .

Even in the face of Chen jiaorui “ The snake ”, I can also help her with my heart and lungs . Originally, ah Wu only thought Xiao Yan was kind , In the early stage, although Chen jiaorui was hateful , But it's really miserable .

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